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The Oslo Accords entails a set of agreement between the Palestine Liberal Organization and the Israel Government, which initiated the Oslo peace process. Notably, the process marked the first time in history the PLO and the Government in Israel officially recognized each other and devoted to seeking solutions to their long, convoluted conflicts in regards to compromises on territories. It is believed that the origin of the disputes between the two tribes was as a result of the strategic value of the Middle East, which acted as a passage between the Far East and Europe. Also, the region was famous in the global economy due to the discovery of oil. Apparently, the area turned into a center of a cold war that was fueled by disputes between the Palestinians and the Israelites. Also, the beginning of the six-day war made the conflicts between the two states enter a new phase and consequently, more than a thousand refugees were created (Mendel and Ronald, 40). However, the main objective behind the formation of the Oslo Peace Process was to instill peace between the two tribes.

The United States resolution aimed at coming up with a long-lasting solution that would respond to the six-day war that had begun between the Arabs and the Israelites. Ostensibly, the Israelites were in support of the resolution because it required the Arabs to accept the rights of Israelites in living in peace as well as in places that were secured. Consequently, the Arabs approved the resolution because it called for the Israelites to evict from the territories that they had conquered. Notably, the first treaty to be signed between the Arabs and Israel as a result of an agreement was called the Camp David Peace Treaty, which later on ended the war between the two states. Some of the contracts made as a result of the treaty were; Egypt pledged to form a diplomatic relation amongst the two nations as well as open the Suez Canal for the Israelite ships, and in return, Israel agreed to pull out from Sinai.

From the Israelites perspective, they had a secret talk because they considered the PLO as terrorists and also there was fear that the peace formulae by Rabin would result to them being thrown out of the land they regarded as theirs. On the other hand, the Arabs claimed the Oslo was unfortunate though necessary. The Arabs held a secret talk because they perceived the solution involving the two states as being a betrayal to their hopeful refugees who were hoping to get back to the land that was occupied by the Israelites. Apparently, the two nations accused each other of the failure to apply the aspects that were agreed upon (Sucharov, 57). Unfortunately, failure by the Oslo talks to achieve its objectives led to a continued series of fights between the two nations. Currently, despite the numerous attempts by the Peace Institute in the United States, the conflict involving the Israelites and Palestinian has not yet been resolved. However, the policies and joint actions assist in reducing the level of violence occurring.

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