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Published: 2021-08-02
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Recruiting and hiring of employees in a critical process in an organization which is mandatory (Alldredge, & Nilan 2000). We appreciate the great work of the human resource department to ensure they pick the best candidates who are suited for a particular line of production. However, things are never the same when acquiring new personnel to the organization. The hiring process comes along with benefits at the same time some drawbacks. For instance, when fresh graduates are absorbed into the labor market, a lot of training and humility is expected. There is a case where these candidates are entirely green and require a mentor to take them through the various process of the system to keep them going. In the process of inducting the new employees, there might be a breakdown of communication and behavioral issues between the various people in the organization.

It is prudent the management has to be prepared to encounter communication and behavioral issues like:

First, there is discrimination in the workplace regarding experience. In such a scenario, those employees who are newbies who find it difficult. Even though this experience varies from one organization to the other, some organizations have an explicit and eloquent human resource management personnel who introduces the new employees to the systems and business process of the company whereas other organizations ignore to induce the new workers the whereabouts of the system (Roepke et al. 2000). This is a typical communication breakdown that affects most new employees who find themselves between the rock and a hard surface to learn new things independently. Therefore, it is unfortunate if a fresh graduate finds an opportunity in companies that do not put employee training programs at stake.

Besides, there is discrimination in the sense that, employees are picked on merit. In a group of employees, the manager might decide to elevate the position of those employees who seem to have a high potential than the rest of the team members. In this case, those people are the group who are slow learners do not get a chance to show their potential hence feel inferior within the group. Most employees do not have a tailored program that empowers new college students. As a result, the transition of such candidates from the ordinary world to the working world it is sometimes nasty.

Following the discussion we held in our team concerning the case study, we shared in-depth insights about communication and group behavioral issues that emerge while hiring employees in an organization. Also, strategic decisions for the challenges are discussed based on the case study and their first jobs.

Since McDonald is a renowned food service retailer operating in over 100 countries and serving more than 70 million customers on a daily basis, the company understands the importance of having a qualifies staff on the verge of attracting customers and improving the quality of services. The human resource department selects the most talented individuals who offer exceptional services to clients (Adams & Anderson, 2016). McDonald has a great reputation of empowering employees. The company believes that the potential of a worker is realized after providing an opportunity, embracing performance appraisal, and nurturing their workers. The company has supported this philosophy by promoting from within; a large percentage of managers started as casual workers of the same company. For many reasons, McDonald's is regarded as a place where talent is nurtured; skills are developed to help a person in the future life pursuits. Other people might argue, McDonald is a pathway that provides opportunities to grow, contribute, and develop a career.

According to Adams & Anderson (2016), McDonald in their underlying values belief the power of teamwork, a group with the right skills and experience, with a high sense of humor and respect propagates high engagement and is a crucial factor towards their success.

The process of hiring new employees is a challenge to most organizations (Alldredge et al. 2003). There are many aspects to consider while developing a strategy to attract and sustain good employees. In the first instance, an organization should be pretty sure that first-time job employees might to necessarily possess superb teamwork skills. There may exist a group of employees who might not have experience working with teams. Probably, they might have a low opinion regarding teamwork. On the other hand, there are those who might adapt swiftly to teamwork following their initial experience of participating in teamwork. As much as group dynamics and workplace conditions might not resemble, the new employees should be leveraged to adapt to the new environment by inducing the employee to the system as the case of McDonald's.

Understanding group dynamics is important. The extent of success of a group correlates with the rate of interaction and understanding among the group members. In most cases, the structure of the company might confuse new employees. Therefore, the management should leverage the concept of ensuring the structure is simple to understand. When the structure is complex, new employees fear facing the management hence critical issues might not be reported because the new employees might fail to communicate emerging issues to the management.

In my opinion, behavior and communication compliments each other but all these aspects are underpinned on the overall nature of the person. It is important a new employee gets to learn new things in the workplace and the secret to succeeding in staying positive and focused. The new employee should be aware of the prevailing conditions of the workplace. There will be a day the experience at work might discouraging but don`t project the grudge even to your home. Work-related issues should be dealt with at work and go home with the right mood.

In conclusion, the leadership of McDonald has continuously believed in nurturing their employees. The company has ensured workers are introduced to the system to develop their talent to achieve exceptional performance skills. From the above illustration, it is clear, effective leadership is paramount to the growth of McDonald Company. McDonald could not be celebrating its growth if it was not for the empowering of employees.


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