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Published: 2021-07-09
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Bureaucratic influence does not have a significant impact on how laws are enacted and enforced at the administrative laws, but its not always representative of all the wants that American citizens have. In most cases, Bureaucracy gets blamed of the slow or difficult process within the federal government in the United States. To overcome this challenge of bureaucracy and to enhance good performance and implementation of the agendas, the president should be courageous enough to stand firm against all form of critics by the bureaucrats.

More so, the president has got laws and constitution define his roles. If at all the president is doing this for the development of States, the law can stand by him against all forms of critics not all the bureaucratic influences lead to events. Some of the bureaucratic forces only lag behind the development, and the president constitutionally can act against them at all costs. As it is evident, many of the bureaucratic influences only lead to failures, and thus the president should have the courage to work and stand against bureaucrats to work efficiently.

As indicated by Donald Walters authority is considered as a chance to serve not a trumpet call for pioneers to help their advantage. Every elected leader is meant to serve their constituents regardless of their voting choices. Thus they are supposed to represent their respective constituents rather than the other way round.

According to the meaning of democracy, there exist four parts that are critical components. These are, majority rule government is a political framework implied for supplanting and picking pioneers through a reasonable and free decision, insurance of the native rights in both ordinary and political life, dynamic contribution of particular subjects and in conclusion a lead of law through which methods cut over each mother similarly. As per the guiding principle of democracy, all leaders are meant to serve their constituents irrespective of their political affiliations this is so because neither the wealthy, knowledgeable nor the donors get mentioned as agents of democracy.

Donovan et al. assert that measures are never decided on through rights and rules of justice of the minority but through a superior force of the dedicated majority thus making the voice of the opposition to get trampled upon by the will of the majority. A good example is the school board that uses tyranny of numbers to exploit the opposition as well as harming of the lesbians and gay and religious minorities.

Part Three: Summarizing the Article by Marisol Bello

The author explains the importance of the GOP Medicaid in the Obama care. The GOP Medicaid under the Obama care has helped many people especially the aged for example her grandmother. The federal support for Medicaid is crucial to the health status of many citizens in the United States. It will be very disastrous to withdraw and cut the federal support for Medicaid and eliminate. This will lead to more health crisis for the poor and unprivileged families.

The aged persons like her grandmother have been the beneficiaries of the Medicaid under the Obama care but the recent Bill by the Republicans in the Senate to dismantle the program is worrying many citizens who are enjoying the Medicaid services. The Republicans are willing to attack the problem from all sides relying on the fact that the president is a Republican. However, elimination of the program means the seniors or the old aged citizens will suffer, and they have no one to defend them.


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