Essay on Ziegler Third Rate Burglary

Published: 2021-08-11
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In the history of the United States of America, there havent served any president whose term ended after resignations. Majority of them have exited the white house after losing in a re-election, completion of their two terms or death. There are others who were found unfit for office and were impeached through the senatorial or parliamentary action. However, Ziggler third-rate burglary brings a scenario of Richard Nixon who resigned from office. The film tries to explain various occurrences that resulted in the resignation and conspiracy theories linked to the resignation. Richard Nixon found himself in a situation that could not allow him to continue being at the white house. His leadership was surrounded by claims of corruption and swindling of the government resources. The Watergate scandal became the most outstanding project that he used to get a lot of resources from the government for personal benefit. A lot of issues arose from this project that resulted to different court battles (All The President's Men, Revisited 45). Although there were many attempts to stop the case getting to the court, none of the attempts worked, and the judicial system proved to be independent. The final verdict from the Supreme Court, through the chief justice, emanated more pressure on President Nixon, leaving him with no option but to resign the office. The resignation was also due to the fact that many of his allies were already jailed while the rest had court cases, yet to receive judgment. For this reason, the documentary illustrates that Richard Nixon was left with nearly nobody in the government on his side.

Following the kind of leadership that was offered to the United States under the leadership of Richard Nixon, there was no significant achievement that was left. It happed that Nixon close allies in the government were burglars and were corrupt. When the authorities started their investigations and unravel what was happening, a search was done to the members and they were caught with numerous burglary related equipment such as the cameras, walker talkie radios and related staffs. Surprisingly, when their identities are shown, they are found to be people who are closely associated with President Nixons government. Each of them was identified with the control of federal offices in the government. All the five guys are taken to court, they were found with guilty and jailed. The president seemed troubled with the turn of events as his allies are sent to prison one after another, and even those who are not yet jailed are battling course cases with significantly low chances of walking scot free. With the Congress on the other side plotting to impeachment him, there was no other option as the public image was totally distorted. He realized that his term would end in great shame and opted to go down in history as a president whose term ended with resignation and not impeachment.

It is, therefore, true to say that Nixon resignation was not out of a will. He intended to cover up all his mistakes and challenge any impeachment attempt that was being plotted by the Congress members. He was sure that there would be no going back action on his impeachment and therefore the best step of action is to resign before the plan was passed and brought to implementation. The case of Watergate was always on the news every day, and the only option remaining was to resign from office.

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