Essay on World War II as a Graphic Novel

Published: 2021-06-22
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One of the most memorable, chilling and awe inspiring event that shaped the world and left indelible marks in the recent history of humanity is the world war two. It just took a span of six years which is a very short time for any event to make an impact on the world. But world war II was not just any other event. It will remain to be the most influential events in the human history for ages to come. Everybody was either directly or indirectly involved in this diabolic historical event. Those countries which tried to keep off this great war found themselves in the very midst of the greatest human conflict. It is a memorable event that can make an extremely graphic and attention-grabbing novel in many ways.

World war two has a great plot. One event unfolded after another, just like any other story penned down in a novel. Events leading up to the war can be clearly accounted for. It all began in 1933 when Adolf Hitler was made the chancellor of Nazi Germany. Treaties were signed between nations in the years that followed. Japan invaded China in 1937.Hitler annexed Austria in 1938.All the events were brewing up in a rather strange and exciting way in preparing for the most tumultuous and disastrous human war that would begin in 1939.Then came 1939 when a full-scale world war first unfolded in Europe and slowly spread to the rest of the world. One event triggered another, and just like a chain reaction in an atomic bomb, the whole world was soon enveloped by war from all frontiers. War was even fought in Africa. And who knew that the neutral United States with its policy of non-interference in world affairs would join the war? This historical event can make an extremely exciting novel, with an awesome plot.

Major war crimes were committed in world war two. The novel about world war two can vividly narrate the impact of war on humanity. In fact, horrible and fear instilling events took place during this period. The recent Rwandan Genocide which claimed the lives of over 800,000 people could by no means be compared to World War II which killed 3% of the world population by then; just over 60 million people to be exact. In fact, this figure is just a very rough estimate- a greater population is thought to have died after the war mainly due to starvation and chemicals. Japan is still bearing the brunt of World War two;nuclear weapons used led to the births of malformed babies for many years in Europe. The Nazi torture chambers that claimed the lives of over 6 million Jews could be brought out in a graphic way using a novel (Gilbert,15). The novel would shine a light on the fact that humans have such a great capacity for evil and therefore there is need to steer clear of future human conflicts. Experience is always the best teacher and perhaps todays generation can draw a lot of lessons from the novel.

The novel would have a satirical tone in depicting how our fascist and power hungry leaders can draw us into conflicts without our full consciousness. This would certainly fit the description of manga comics. For example, when the tide went against Adolf Hitler in a rather unexpected turn of events, the dictator, with all his greed, and thirst for world control eventually committed suicide. This is a very interesting way, to sum up, the world war two novel in a dramatic manner.World War II would thus make one of the most interesting novels in history.


Gilbert, Martin. The second world war: a complete history. Univ of North Carolina Press, 2004.


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