Essay on Why People Remain Single

Published: 2021-08-15
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Marriage is a recognized union between two partners in a personal relationship (Lachmann para 2). Since human beings are social beings, it is assumed that marriage is a necessity for everyone. However, some people choose the other path and decide to remain single for the rest of their lives. This essay will discuss the various reasons why individuals remain single throughout their lives. The paper will also offer a position on whether it is good or bad to remain single forever.

Abhishek, in five reason why people remain single suggests that religion and social systems play an important part in reminding people the significance of marriage (Abhishek para. 2). According to Abhishek, people may decide to remain single because of career focus. People value their career so much that they do not want distractions. The other reason is inflexibility. In addition, people who have a huge ego and find it hard to share emotions might be unable to sustain long-term relationships. Abhishek points out that marriage is a truth that is hard to be swallowed by those individuals whose ego thinks otherwise. The final reason Abhishek gives is moral constraints especially those pertaining to sex. People often judge stuff using their experiences, and this might consciously or subconsciously hinder their possibility of appreciating relationships (Abhishek para. 10).

On the other hand, Suzanne Lachman, in five reasons people choose to stay single points out that fear and lack of comfortability for long-term relationships are the main factors for singleness. According to Lachmann, blurred boundaries in the past, i.e., if someone grew up in an unsafe environment might hinder future relationships (Lachmann para 8). Guardedness and rigid boundaries from previous relationships can lead to an emotional crash. Another reason people choose to stay single can be trauma. People who have been emotionally engaged to bad things may become distasteful of any relationships that might result in them remaining single forever. Lachmann suggests that some individuals feel being single is the natural state of being because of the safety acquired from childhood. Finally, Lachmann stipulates that intense and un-meetable needs might freak individuals away from relationships. Partners who seem to notice the neediness scare away the other party because they feel deeply shameful about it (Lachmann para 17).

Several reasons have been suggested why people remain single. From a personal perspective, no person would voluntarily wish to remain single forever unless there are several constraints to marriage. The major reason why people remain single is the lack of the psychological resolve to maintain a passionate relationship. In the modern world, people are too worried about success, and if an individual feels that he/she still lacks development in this aspect of their lives, he/she will tend to put off relationships for the time being. There are some other reasons why people can be single such as physical constraints (illnesses) and value of personal principles of freedom and solitude. Nevertheless, most single people demonstrate an element of fear to commit. They think that relationships are too costly to manage and that love cannot exist if one is not economically empowered. People need to understand that relationships are a natural part of us and they can happen at any time despite the situations. In conclusion, remaining single is a personal choice whether influenced by a circumstance or ego. If one decides to remain single or get married, he/she must assess the situation and make a firm resolve for whatever choice is best.

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