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Published: 2021-08-11
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Walmart has been able to embark on a sourcing plan to discover items that are sold at the right price from the people who are supplying, who are positioned in enhancing that the sellers can meet the demands. (Huchzermeier, 2016) The firm has then established strategic partnerships with many of their sellers, who are offering the Walmarts with many potentialities for the long run liabilities and also offering high purchases volume; therefore, offering prices that are minimal.

Furthermore, Walmart has been able to streamline it supply management chain where they have constructed networks such as relationship and communication with their merchants to value their productivity flow with lower supplies. (Kulkarni, 2015) The art of networking with the global retail stores, suppliers, and warehouses has been described as a single firm. Cross-docking is another tactic that Walmart is using to control their supply chain. Walmart is transferring their products directly from their inbound or outbound containers where the company does not need to use extra storage when unloading the products from any incoming railroad cars or semi-trailer trucks and loading the items again directly into the outbound trucks, rail cars, or trailers.

Suppliers deliver the products to the Walmarts distribution places then the products are cross-docked and after that provided to the Walmart supermarkets. When cross-docking is implemented, transportation costs and inventory are reduced; therefore reducing also the time taken to transport and eliminating any other inefficiencies.

Walmarts Labor Relations

Walmarts practices and labor has some transcript such as union resistance for work, charges for sex discrimination, and immigrants who are not documented. Due to those reasons, Walmart labor force is faced with ethical issues. Since the complaint that the employees have raised and their desires that they have highest wages more also they get more benefits that are generous, employees of the Walmart have been a target by the organizers of the union for many years. As Walmart is boasting about their excellent careers and jobs, many Walmarts employees are advocating of how Walmart has appalling working conditions and their low wages and high profits that Walmart company is making.


In summation, although Walmart has been discussed to be one of the retail firms that are the best across the globe, its manner of operation raises a lot of suspicious activities and many people are questioning its operating methods. (Munoz, Kenny & Stecher, 2018) Walmart has been known to operate on a strategy that uses low-price plan through an application of numerous techniques. Among of the projects are policy set and regulations that are set to the suppliers and Walmart is implementing policies which are enhancing the products are transported in bulk and sold at a lower price. (Huchzermeier, 2016) Most of the businesses are tending to disagree with how Walmart is operating, putting consideration that the redirection of the clients preferences is concerned at the products prices. Walmart image about economic benefits is an argument that contradicts the Biblical rules of economic. The relationship of the sellers maintenance get notified through the brand Walmart is helping the suppliers in acquiring other customers even if they are profiting very little from Walmart giant retail company. Lastly, in the questioning manner, USA has not been left out as to why the firm is operating the way it is and abusing the foreign workers for its kind.


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