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Define symphony.

A symphony is a type of musical composition that has an orchestra and involves four movements with at least one of them being a sonata.

Define string Quartet

It is a Chamber of music that involves the use of consisting of a cello, two violins and a cello. A piece or a cellist should also be written and played by the four people.

Define sonata allegro form.

The sonata-allegro is a type of music structure that involves three parts which are; exposition, development, and recapitulation. The opening movement involves different themes which are stated in the first, second and third section.

Define concerto.

It is a type of musical composition that includes one or more instruments whereby the music is accompanied by an orchestral. The characteristics of a concerto have seen its features change over time.

Define rondo.

It is a type of music whereby the material or theme at the beginning of the song keeps coming back. The musical parts in which the beginning message at the start of the piece re occurs. in which the first section recurs several times, usually in the tonic.

Define theme and variations.

Theme: A theme is an idea that is used as the main point in the composition of a piece.

Variation: The compositional process of altering a preexisting musical idea.

Write a biography of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Wolfgang Mozart was a composer and a pianist from 1756 to 1791. He was born in Vienna Australia and died at the age of 35. He was the only son of Leopold Marie Mozart. His father was a successful violinist and composer and used to be a concertmaster. His mother, Anna, was born to a local community leader. Wolfgang sister Anna Marie was introduced to the piano at the age of seven. When she was practicing, her brother Wolfgang at the age of three started mimicking her sister, and soon she was exquisite with chords and tempo. Soon he also joined his sister in being tutored by their father.

Their father was a dedicated teacher and made learning fun for his kids. He was, however, a strict person on work and encouraged his children to have work ethics. The kids were fast learners and excelled in the music study. He started playing at the age of six, and as years went by, he became conversant with different forms such as the sonatas, operas, and chamber music. During the 18th century, Europe was witnessing a change in the political structures. The Roman empire had split up, and there was an upsurge of small municipalities that had acquired self-governance. The aristocrats had wealth, and they needed musicians and artists to entertain them. Wolfgang was born during this era and became one of the greatest artists. During his later years, he was appointed as the chamber composer by Emperor Joseph II. The appointment came at a welcome time for Mozart who was struggling with debts.

Wolfgang showed talent at an early age, and at the age of five, he had his first composition. Wolfgang and his sister had the first tour in 1762 to perform at a court in Bavaria. They later traveled around the world playing as child prodigies. The trips gave Wolfgang an opportunity to meet some accomplished people which had a lot of influence on him. However, the trips were long and tedious, and sometimes Wolfgang and his family fell sick and had to reduce their performances

Write a biography of Joseph Haydn.

Franz Joseph Haydn was a composer from Australia. He was born in Rohrau, Australia on 31 March 1732. Franz started playing at the age eof 8 in St. Stephens Cathedral where he trained to play piano and Violin. After leaving the choir, he started teaching violin so as to support himself. He later got a job as a court musician at the palace of Esterhazy family. According to him, the position helped him become original since he was cut off from other artists. Haydns popularity rose both inside and outside the palace. His concerts drew large crowds, and he was able to work on some his most famous works. During his later years, he returned to his former position working for the Esterhazy family on a part-time basis. By this time, he was a public figure and used to make frequent public appearances. He finally died at the age of 77 (Haydn, 2017)

Write a biography of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Beethovens father was partially credited to his musical genius. However, he was also the source of his early childhood struggles, due to the brutality of his rigorous teaching methods. Ludwig Van Beethoven was a German composer who was born in Austria, Vienna on December 1770. He was an innovator and worked on improving the Sonata and Symphony. Beethoven mother was a deep moralists women, and he had two brothers. His father was a drunkard and a mediocre musician. His grandfather, however, was a great and successful musician who was a source of pride to young Beethoven. His father started teaching him music at an early age though he was very brutal with him. He was flogged and locked on a daily basis, and it is not sure whether that is what made him a great musician or not. He had trouble with numbers and sums in school. In 1784, he fathers alcoholism got worse and Beethoven request for a job as an assistant Court Organist so as to support the family. He is attributed for having composed some of the greatest pieces despite having hearing challenges. His most extraordinary music was even written while he was deaf ("Ludwig Van Beethoven")

Write a brief biography of Maria Theresa von Paradis.

Maria Theresia was an Austrian composer and musician who was born on May 1759. She was the daughter of Joseph Anton Paradise. She lost her eyesight at an early age of 5 yrs. She was treated for a period, but the treatment was later withdrawn due to some reason. After the withdrawal of the treatment, her blindness came back, and she became permanently blind. She traveled to Europe to performed in different events. She died in 1824 after a successful music career

Write a brief biography of Maria Anna Mozart.

Maria Mozart was an Australian composer and was born on July 1751. She was the elder sister of Wolfgang Mozart who was also a talented composer. Their father Leopold encouraged them to learn music and even educated them. The father organized for Marie and her brother to tour the world and display their talents. She could play very challenging pieces, and they were able to compose into note most songs that they could hear. At one of the concerts, Wolfgang composed a piece which his father praised. When the father, however, learnt that Nannerl had composed the piece. He was incensed and asked her never to compose since women were not allowed to be composers in the 18th century. Her father preferred his son and did not take Nannerl to tour. The actions crashed her dreams, and she was forced to be a music teacher.


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