Essay on the Importance of Planning at Organization

Published: 2021-08-11
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According to the quiz on organizational design and structure, it should be realized that when an organization sets goals alongside and sets out channels and means through which such goals are achieved, organizational planning arises. It is through such planning that individuals and resources within an organization are properly organized. In the current organizational structure, without planning, any organizational framework has very little chance of achieving its goals. Control is likely to become another exercise in futility. The general environment and tasks within an organization are factors that determine the external and internal operations of an organization. With the occurrence of certain events within an organization, stability and normalcy are always likely to be compromised. The organization would then become less stable (CiteFin, 2017).

Talking of organizational domain, we can say that it is an activity or chain of performances that an organization chooses to accomplish within its work environment. It relates to the environment that is chosen by the organization to ensure that the goals are achieved. Such domains are not as much static and thus are bound to change. As a way of coping with the changing environments, there are organizations that choose to change their domain as a mechanism towards ensuring that they stay competitive. There are two ways that are currently used to facilitate domain changes. Such methods include acquisitions and mergers. There are several organizations that have succeeded in changing organizational domains. Apple, for instance, happens to be a victim of the same. In as much as Apple produces technological products, its original product was computers. However, with the evolution of the market, the organization recognized opportunities in other markets. Such led to the creation of other products such as the iPods. Such a domain shift took place several more times when the organization decided to produce the iPads and iPhones. It then comes to the fact that every business organization depends on suppliers, employees, competition for development, research and profit, and even customers. Since organizations dont control all the forces of the environment, they banks on contingencies and predictions to cope with input that is unexpected. In this case, larger systems are made of subsystems which interact with each other. Such subsystems are always known to autonomously operate within the systems. In such a way, if a subsystem happens to have failed, the system will still be functional. The subsystem categories include technology, the economy, political-legal sector and the personnel (LLC, 2017).

Last but not least, an open systems external environment comprises of a variety of influences and needs with the potential of affecting an organization and of which an organization has no control over. Such influences are likely to be political, ecological, economic, technological and societal in nature. Any organization that is considered to be highly effective regularly exchanges its feedback with the external environment. On the same note organizations that are healthy strive to understand their environments via means such as market research, environmental scanning, or even evaluations. Such organizations always try to be able to influence their external environments via advertisements, public relations, lobbying, promotions, advocacy, or even through local leaders. Each and every organizational unit has its own border that differentiates that unit from other entities. Boundaries are of many types. The known, however include physical, time-related, social, language, psychological and cultural borders. Such boundaries are expected to be permeable to the external and internal environment so as to ensure the survival of an organization. On the contrary, the degree of permeability needs to be consciously monitored and designed. If such boundaries are too permeable, the pressures, forces, and demands from the external environment can surely be overwhelming to the organization. On the contrary, if permeability is too little, organizations can strive to get resources and thus be unable to survive (Breckenridge, 2017).



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