Essay on the Basic Understanding of Nutrition

Published: 2021-08-15
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Nutrition is termed to be an elementary constituent of health and is always good for one to grow usually and develop the body. It is also essential when it comes to tissue repairs and their maintenance and body organ functions. The foundation of nutrition refers to the basic understanding of obtaining the food necessary for the health and growth. Nutrition involves the study of how food makes the body the body to look healthy. The study of nutrition consists of a survey on nutrients and how they how the body utilizes them these nutrients are beneficial when it comes to the day to day functions of the body. Therefore it is essential for one to understand the basic importance of nutritional studies its importance.

Ingestion of a well-balanced diet with the vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates are proper for the body to function generally regarding the psychological function of the body throughout the lifespan of a person. The body of a person needs fuel to acquire energy. Life-sustaining activities such as inhalation and exhalation, fluid body circulation, heartbeat rate and body temperature also depend on the nutrition understanding of a person. These processes are essential to the body functions of a person, and hence failure to one means the body functions will not be precise as per the requirement of the body.

Energy is an essential requirement of the body. Therefore, the body cannot function without the provision of energy into the body by the help of foods taken into the body. The energy requirement of a body is always affected by some factors, body mass, gender, fever, starvation and thyroid functions. The factor, therefore, shows that energy required by a body depends on the state of the body. As a relation to nutrition, energy provided to the body depends on the nature of the nutritional conditions one takes into consideration.

Metabolism is also another vital process which takes place in the body, metabolism of the body also depends on the nutrition type applied to the body of a person. Several factors affect the metabolism of the body which includes; lactation, pregnancy, illness and the activity level of the body. When the kilocalories which are ingested are above the energy demand of a person, the person gains weight, and when the kilocalories ingested by the body is below the energy requirement of a person, the person loses weight. Therefore, the mass of a person is dependent on the nutrition status of a person.

Calories ingested by the body is substantially dependent on the nutrients which are taken up by the body, this is because the nutrients taken up by the body are the basic components of which the calories ingested by the body depend on. Food which poses high nutrients such as fruits and vegetables provides a large number of nutrients regarding kilocalories. Enhancement in progress in nutrition requires efficient and very high programmes which are nutrition effective addressing key underlying determinants of nutrition and allows for the coverage and efficiency interventions which are nutrition-specific.

The need to boost agricultural production through investments, keep the price low and increase in income cannot be disputed. Targeted agrarian programmes can be employed to complement the investments by supporting livelihoods, allowing access to diverse diets in the sparse population.

Ways to enhance program nutrition-sensitivity include: improve targeting; use conditions to stimulate participation; strengthen nutrition goals and actions; and optimize women's nutrition, time, physical and mental health, and empowerment. The Nutrition-sensitive programmes can facilitate to scale up nutrition-specific interventions and create a stimulating environment in which young children can grow and develop to their full potential.

The knowledge of nutrition can be applied in the real world in many ways, as a nutritionist, one can know the type of food which one needs to take at a given time, this help to improve one's health status and as a result becomes significant as far as health is concerned. It also provides to one with the knowledge to know each food with the nutrients with which it bears, therefore, as a nutritionist, one can recommend a specific food when the need arises for one to take a particular nutrient.

As far as other classes are concerned, foundations of nutrition are helpful; this is because it provides a basic knowledge which can be easily applied by the learner in other subjects related to it. This becomes true because those classes which deal in medical contexts must use the knowledge from the nutrition class hence enabling you to understand their patients well. Additionally, it facilitates the attainment of knowledge that promotes the values of nutrients that constitute the food value among students. An example is the psychology and anatomy of absorption and digestion processes in humans. These subjects build on the understanding of learners through the elaboration of the function micro and macronutrients in the body, thus creating an immune system to protect the body against disease such as cancer, and obesity.

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