Essay on Teaching Immigrants English Language

Published: 2021-08-10
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English being an internationally spoken language needs to be taught to any immigrant who ends up in a country that speaks in English. In this essay, I aim at pointing out the truth about Americans generosity and the process by which I can help immigrants to learn English as a way of making them conform to the American employment system that helps in reducing brain waste by the use of various viable plans that coordinates life events and communication skills.

Since it is true that Americans are generous people regarding the moral obligation of assisting immigrants to meet the standards for survival into the America systems, I will adopt the following aspects in helping an immigrant to learn English: The use of subject matter for ESOL. I will involve teaching the immigrants on how to write letters to government officials as a way of enhancing the confidence of the English learners to fit the new environment and acquisition of jobs. As an instructor, I will ask the English learners to engage in writing official and letters as a way of enhancing the exchange of personal experiences.

Making use of the local events to provide lesson ideas. This approach makes learning enjoyable, and I will involve ways of researching topics around ones neighborhood to gather the required topics to use. For instance, I might decide to pick a topic about a local event that makes the English lessons to be successful in teaching immigrants language skills. I will engage the adults in English lessons and carry up to a successful development of speaking lessons that incorporates both communal sense and shared interests.

Interview-like dialogues. The process entails involving them in interview-like conversations that widen their scope of knowledge of what is happening in their neighborhoods. Dialogues provide a chance for the clients to be able to improve on their pronunciations. I can set the students to be in groups. In each group, they will interview each other. In the process of having, interview dialogues the students will be in a position to identify areas which they need improvements. Focusing on teaching kids the English language at a tender age. This is the best approach since it enables older people to learn English in foreign countries by being challenged by the speed that the young take to learn English. Stories given to children make it easy for kids to grasp English content. When children are given an opportunity to have stories in English together, then they automatically will improve their vocabulary. When giving a story to kids, there is always a chance for me to pause in the middle and ask questions where the kids have not understood.

In conclusion, my contribution towards assisting immigrants to learn English will be assisted by the approaches highlighted above. My focus will be to carry out interviews-like dialogues since it will give me a chance to get in touch with the immigrants. In addition to storytelling as a way of teaching kids, I will involve the kids to sing in English. Teaching kids to sing will give them a chance to learn English without stress. America is therefore generous to its immigrants since they give them an opportunity to learn English.

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