Essay on Specific Interest in Technology Management

Published: 2021-08-15
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When people wake up in the morning, the first thing that they do is walk to a coffee maker and make a hot cup of coffee and then switch on the television to watch the morning news or their phone to call someone or text them then walk to the shower and take a warm bath. All that while, all they do is use technology. In other words, technology has become a lifestyle to most people, and hence, the questions, "where would people be without technology?" and What would humanity do without technology?" Technology is what is keeping most countries going. States like China, USA, and Japan, among others have invested mainly in machinery and electronic devices which make them have some of the most influential economies in the world. The fact that technology is what keeps most people going and its advancement and impact on human development make me get fascinated and generate within me a profound interest in computing and technology.

With the technology in Nepal, I believe that the country can develop a lot, especially in its economy. Before there was this much technology development, it was challenging to keep financial records, but since computers with large storage capacities and easy access to were introduced, large businesses can store vast amounts of data without fear of loss. What is more, that stored data can be easily accessed in the future for decision making. Well, in Nepal, a majority of the population is farmers, so if the people are introduced to the kind of record-keeping mentioned above, then their activities would be efficient.

I am confident that most farmers in Nepal use the old means of cultivation and preparation which are not only tiresome but also time-consuming. Good news is that technology has provided for alternatives to human resources through various machines, such as tractors and computers that require minimal human input. Such machinery increases output per unit time because a single individual can operate multiple devices successfully within a short period. That is to say that economists are bound to employ machines on their companies to boost their productivity and save on the cost of production. I firmly believe that by studying technology management, my services would be useful in the field of agriculture.

Natural resources are another source of income to a country; for example, South Africa and China are the leading producers of gold, while 90% of Saudi Arabia's revenue comes from exporting oil. In Nepal am sure there is plenty of natural resources that can be harvested and exported, but again, that needs machines. When I become a technology manager, I believe that I would employ unlimited creativity to come up with new machinery to help in manipulating the natural resources. That way, I would create employment to many people, which has always been one of my goals.

The world is on a race towards development, invention, and innovation. People need to mobilize the youth to be technologically viable and not rely on one source of income that is agriculture. People need to give students scholarships through which they would get educated on technology matters in the countries which are best known for it. My choice is Nepal because I believe that it is a wonderful country with a lot of opportunities and capable people. Therefore, I am sure that given a chance, I would utilize it to the maximum benefit of the country and myself.

Technology Management unlike other technology courses, it covers larger ground rather than the rest which concentrate only on technology. Technology Management covers both areas technology and managerial which for one can work at areas requiring either one of them hence efficient job searching.

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