Essay on Social Worker Interview With Eight Year Old Girl

Published: 2021-07-16
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How would you begin the interview with Sally, Annas eight year old daughter?

I would start by introducing myself clearly and explain to her my relationship between me and her mum. I would bringing out an atmosphere of love, affection and assurance through assuring here that all is okay and that her mum is okay since she is finally home despite being away for a long period of time. I would creatively slide into the ongoing situation she might be going through and inquire from her inquisitive of how she has been conducting herself during the period in which mum was away in hospital for medical purposes. I would also constantly encourage and reassure her to be cool.

What activities would you include to help sally feel comfortable with you?

I would ensure that I show her the she is and that she should not feel left out. I would sooth her and assure her that she has everything to gain and people like me who are there for her. I would engage her in a conversation by telling her of my own experience or that of a friend who might be going through the same situation as her. Also, I would like to ease up the atmosphere and introduce some creative hilarious scenes which would make her afford a smile. I would agree with her insights and also provide relief during the instances she requires encouragement. I would appreciate her ideas and insights.

How would you adjust your communication style to relate to sally on her level?

I would listen to her keenly. I would node in agreement of whatever she says and at the point where she probably reacts or makes suggestions out of her emotions, I would creatively offer my insights. One thing for sure is that I would ensure that my verbal and non-verbal communication tactics but not dramatize the situation.

How do you anticipate Sally will respond to you? Why?

I definitely expect her to be paranoid and emotional especially when interacting with a stranger like me. However, I would assure that I perfectly understand what she might be going through I would prompt her to reveal her honest and deepest thoughts and experiences that she might be going through. Though she might be scared to interact with me at first, the atmosphere I would create would lead her to open up and share with me here thoughts as a dearest friend would do.

What will sally reaction most likely be as you try to address her mothers illness and its effect on her?

Definitely Sally would try to be sympathize with her mothers illness. Bearing the fact that her mother has been in an out of the hospital a couple of times plus her condition exacerbated instead of improving, I expect sally to be really emotional and probably cry. She would helpless at some instances but at this time, I would comfort and encourage her.

What would you do differently from the social worker, Marie. Why?

I would devote myself in helping clients all the time. I would not give excuses. Ideally, I would not say that the work does not concern me. As a social worker, I will highly value all my clients and listen to what they say at all times. Respect is what I would accord my clients (Cummings & Sevel & Pedrick, 2012).


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