Essay on Social Media: Positive Influence on People and the Society

Published: 2021-07-08
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The different social media sites have completely taken over the lives of human beings. It is actually impossible to believe that over 10 years ago, there was no Twitter, Facebook and even Youtube. At the time, people would communicate purely through letters, and only a few used emails as it was not that common. Social media has made communication much easier. It has also contributed to globalization as people from one part of the world can now just Google what it is like to live in another part. It is easier to see images and even watch videos of places one has never been to, and still get an idea of what it is like visiting the place. It has brought people from different parts of the world together in one platform. This paper supports the argument that social media has had a positive impact on people and the society.

Today, people who do worldwide business have greatly benefitted from the way social media makes people closer despite their location. Doing business is now easier as communication can happen immediately. For instance, when someone sells things in different parts of the world, customers can place orders online. The businessman then receives a notification and organizes how the product will reach the customer. There is no longer a need for direct human interaction when buying and selling goods, thanks to social media. People can communicate effectively despite their location. Live communication is now possible as the platforms also enable video calls. This communication also benefits businesses which have offices in different parts of the world. Aside from obtaining effective customer feedbacks, the employees can interact together as if they are all in one office. Meetings can be held virtually and the employees can learn about each other online. With the help of social media, the society today benefits as like-minded people are able to interact and share ideas.

Therefore, they can build on each other's ideas hence develop something positive for the society to benefit from. Another benefit is how the social media assists nonprofit organizations with their awareness campaigns. Different messages are being shared on Facebook, Twitter, and even Youtube. It helps to educate the society on specific issues such as causes of Malaria and how it can be prevented. There is also the campaign about AIDs and what people can do to assist and contain the disease. Therefore, more people are reached through social media as it helps in spreading the word. Although these are the positive impacts, it also has some negative influences. For example, it has limited interactions between people who should be spending more time physically together. For example, family members communicate through social media instead of meeting to catch up even when they live in the same neighborhood. In addition, it has taken over our lives as it is addictive. When people are in a gathering, a majority seem to be focused on their phones rather than on the agenda of the meeting.

Lastly, social media has presented a way for many to be bullied and stalked. Although the use of social media has a number of negative influences, the positive influence it has had on people and the society far outdo the negatives. In addition, these negative impacts can be controlled by use of policies in the various countries. Therefore, social media has indeed had positive influences on people and the society today.


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