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Published: 2021-08-11
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The College of San Mateo has designed programs and services to help students attain success in their academic life as well as to develop their well-being. The services are available in two forms: in person and online. The colleges website contains the crucial information listed. A click on the specific links leads one to the more detailed information offering student support. Other contact information including phone number and email are also recorded on the website. As for the services offered in person, most of the offices are located in the College Centre Building 10 ("Student Support Services & Special Programs at College of San Mateo - Overview"). In my opinion, the College of San Mateo offers great resources to help students blend in and to pursue their dreams.

Right from the start of life at CSM, there is evidence of custom services to ensure student success. For instance, the admission process is a dedicated one which has a group of Admissions and Records staff whose sole job is to assist prospective students in enrolment to the school programs. The college uses an open enrolment policy which encourages all those seeking to earn degrees and certificates to join. The best feature is that the application process, be it for new students or those transferring to a university is offered free of charge. This indicates the willingness to help students attain accomplishment.

The College of San Mateo has a Careers Services office located in the College Center Building 10 room 340 D. This office is open from Monday to Thursday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. The objective for creation of this department is to help students in choosing majors and careers as well as to link them with opportunities for jobs, internships, and volunteering. There is an option for one-on-one help for career counseling which is also free for students. The individual appointments have been made easy by the provision of a telephone line through which students make their bookings to meet career counselors at their own desired time. Student internships are taken seriously and thus the reason for special internships with organizations such as Google, NFL films, and National Park Service. When it comes to seeking jobs, the College Central Network brings together students, alumni, and employers. The service is free of charge for life indicating their willingness to follow up on their graduates ("Career Services at College of San Mateo - Overview").

The matter of finances is very important in the life of a college student. For this reason, the institution has a cashiers office whose services include: fees payment, picking up parking receipts, requesting refunds, and resolving issues in student account portals. Students at CSM also receive help from the Financial Aid Office which offers college money for students who deserve monetary help. The staff at the office give guidelines and rules to be followed during application, and at the same time, there is a handbook with all the details offered to students. Many students have benefitted from financial aid to go on and graduate with good grades. It is also worth noting that each year, the College of San Mateo offers scholarships to deserving students in terms of need, academic merit, and special interests such as sports ("Financial Aid Services at College of San Mateo - Overview").

Having access to basic healthcare services is not only important to students but also, all human beings. The college is at the forefront of ensuring availability of the required facilities. The Public Safety/ Medical Services building 1 houses the health services center in room 147. Students are free to drop in anytime within office hours or to book special appointments. The staff present includes a full-time nurse, part-time physician, part-time nurse, and a health services assistant. The publication, Student Health 101 is aimed at encouraging students to keep a healthy lifestyle, and it is published monthly. The main topics dealt with include stress, anxiety, and healthy eating ("Health Services Center at College of San Mateo - Overview").

The Multicultural Center provides services to multicultural students to help them cope with college life by receiving both academic and personal support. The institution has hired staff capable of offering to counsel and organizing events and workshops. Such forums help students to cope and provides them with facilities which are less crowded such as the computer lab and study spaces ("Multicultural Center at College of San Mateo - Overview").

College of San Mateo and Second harvest have a partnership which resulted in the development of a food pantry on campus. It is located in the Public Safety/Medical Services Building 1, Room 147. The access to the pantry is made an appointment through a helpline offered at (650) 574-6396. Eligibility for access to services at the Food Pantry requires students to fill out a form with the declaration of income and household size. The form is filled once, and after that, the student can visit the pantry weekly. The food available includes canned products, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen meat, bread, and cereal. The individuals visiting the food pantry are usually given food estimated to last three days on a weekly basis.

The CSM Cares team was created to help students in need. They do so by offering counseling and wellness programs for students who are sad, disturbed, lost, frustrated, angry, lonely, hopeless, and depressed. The aim of this team is to create a system whereby confidential reports are submitted by students so as to identify those in crisis and then work closely with personal wellness and counseling services to help for free.

CSM has special resources for the disabled offered at the Disability Resource Center. The aim is to give equal opportunity in access to education for the students who are either permanently or temporarily disabled. The state and Federal Laws offer provisions for such students to receive special help for academic adjustment through counseling and support. In compliance with this law, the DRC provides an inclusive and non-discriminatory environment. The DRC is located in the College Center Building, Room 120.

The Dream Center aims at providing services to students catered for by the California Dream Act. This act was passed into law in 2011 to allow a special group of AB 540 students to apply for a wide variety of financial help. This caters for students who were brought into the US before the age of 16 without following proper immigration procedures (McGreevy & York, 2011). The Dream Center offers access to Board of Governor's waivers, state financial aid, and private scholarships.

It is evident that CSM is determined to ensure that all students are able to access quality amenities and hence the provision of support services as discussed. The aim here is to promote a vibrant student life and to ensure that challenges are dealt with so that students can pursue their education at peace. The Office of the Vice President of Student Services is responsible for management of the programs which entail student life. The accessibility of information is simplified by the online presence which saves the hassle of having to walk long distances. With the College Center Building, it is easy to access several services at once, and it is therefore needless the dedication of CSM to help students.

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