Essay on Registered Nurse As a Critical Component of the Health Care Team

Published: 2021-07-14
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In the United States, there is a pattern of diseases that follows either the racial or geographical trend. Lifestyle diseases, as statistics show, are more concentrated in the regions where members of Black minorities live (Stengel et. al., 2003). Obesity, for instance, has a strong correlation with the black race. In areas where many of the black people live like Illinois, there is a greater outlook for the growth of registered nurse professionals as much health care is needed in them. There are also more growth prospects in cities than in the rural areas since people living in the former have a higher risk of getting lifestyle diseases than those in the former. There are also more government and private health care facilities in towns as compared to the rural settings. The pie charts below show the approximate growth of this profession in different geographical areas.

Working as a registered nurse in whichever field is very satisfying. Job satisfaction depends on the sustainability of the salary earned and the intrinsic satisfaction that cannot be measured using physical parameters. The emotional fulfillment of working in the health sector and seeing patients recover from their sicknesses one of the invisible and intangible factors that bring about job satisfaction. A typical day in the life of a registered nurse is full of activity. A nurse will report at work in the morning and take handover notes from the one working the night shift in case of a facility operating all the time. They will ensure that all the materials necessary for a doctor's round are ready and begin it once the doctor arrives. After the round is over, they will oversee that all the medicines required by each patient are ordered from the pharmacy store, all imaging and laboratory tests are done, and any surgery is planned for. My experience in the field has been interesting especially when applying the theoretical skills in practice. Working with other healthcare professionals has also been fulfilling. The coordination of activities in the hospital is also an eventful experience that I have come across in the profession.

In conclusion, a registered nurse is a critical component of the health care team. They are the backbone of the health care system as they have primary contact with the patients. The growth prospects of the profession in the United States are promising as more lifestyle diseases emerge among the old and young populations. A typical day of the registered nurse is full of events as I have observed in my time in the profession.



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