Essay on Reasons for the High Dropout Rate in College

Published: 2021-07-28
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Although there is a high number of high school graduates that proceed to college, there is, however, a high rate of drop out of students. The 2011 report from the National Center for Education Statistics reveals that only three out five college students graduate. The study also revealed that most of those that drop out of college do so while entering their second year because of either one or more influential factors. Such establishes the fact that there is high rate of college dropouts and the same has great related effects, therefore, there is a need to examine the same to help in understanding the issue in details.

Causes of High Dropout Rate in College

There are various causes of the high dropout rate in colleges in the modern society, and the same has related effected on such students and the society as a whole. One of the reasons for the high dropout rate in colleges is the high cost of tuition fees. According to the National Center for Public Policy and Education, the costs of education of education has increased at a high rate, by 400 percent, while the average family incomes has increased at a slower rate, at 150 percent, and led to the high rate of college dropout. According to the 2009 study by Public Agenda by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 31 percent of college students of ages between 22 and 30 years drop out of college because of inability to pay for their tuition fee.

The second reason is too much stress, and this is because of high levels of stress, pressure, and little sleep that students have to undergo as they juggle between work and school. According to a study by Public Agenda, this is number one reason for the high college dropout rate and leads to about 54 percent of college dropout rate. Due to the inability of parents to support their childrens education, college students try supporting themselves in colleges and when stress becomes too high, the bow out of the system. Third, there is insufficient preparation and education of students as they transit from high school to college. Transition tends to be a rude awakening to students because they have poor management skills and challenges in setting priorities right. There are students that never strike a balance between studying and social life. 73 percent of college dropout, according to a survey conducted by Public Agenda confirm that lack of lessons on motivation, preparation and sound advice from their high schools led, either directly or indirectly, to their dropouts.

The final reason for the high rates of college dropouts is family issues, and this relates to the fact that many adults in the modern society choose to return to college while raising children and maintaining their families at the same time. Such decisions have effects on various parties among them being their children, spouses thereby making the college-bound parents to drop out of college. 16 percent of respondents in a study conducted but Public Agenda confirmed that they dropped out of college to spend more time with their families.

Effects of High Dropout Rate in College

The high rates of college dropout have far-reaching effects. One of the consequences of the same is that it affects the society professionally in that it leads to the decrease in the number of professional skills that can take part in economic development. In this manner, the dropout rates affect the society economically as it leads to the rate of economic growth in the society. The other consequence of the dropout rate is that it affects financial institutions because students that drop out are most likely to default on their student loans. This causes challenges and suffering to both taxpayers and borrower because they end up footing other peoples budget to keep the society operational. The third issue that students that drop out of colleges face is social stigma because their feel inferior to their counterparts who managed to remain in school and continue with their education. In this manner, such students suffer emotionally and become distressed for the failure to acquire college education.

The final effect that the high college dropout rates is that it is bound to lead to increase in criminal activities in the society because of lack of involvement of the dynamic youth who should with energy to build and prosper the society. Being idle after dropping out of college exposes such children to temptations hence increasing the chances of engaging in criminal activities.

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