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Published: 2021-07-09
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There are many courses that an individual can pursue at the college or university. However, the quality of these courses has reduced due to the increase in the demand (number of students being admitted). The courses range from medicine to engineering. The current quality of education at colleges has gown making it move from bad to worse (Bok, 2009, pg. 69). The consequence of this is the production of graduates who cannot solve problems in the real life situation.

There are a number of factors that have contributed to the low-quality education at the colleges. One of them is a lack of good facilities. Some of the upcoming universities and colleges in the United States of America and other parts of the world do not have enough and modern facilities to match the new technology. They do not have modern equipment that are needed in the field of medicine and engineering, and other courses too. Furthermore, there are not enough spaces and human personnel in the colleges. Congested classrooms and lecture halls do not provide a conducive environment for learning (Bok, 2009, pg. 105). Some courses are more of practical and hence, students are not able to do well in these areas due to lack of enough and modern laboratory equipment.

The second factor is the reason behind the establishment of the colleges. Most of the private colleges are money oriented. Hence, they do not major on the quality of education but the profit they make from their clients (students). It is also the main reason why some universities have started offering online courses to help the students who cannot make it to the classrooms. The research shows that online education is not effective as the learners do not meet with their lecturers on regularly basis (Murray, 2008, pg. 59). There is no face to face discussions, and this may affect the individuals performance. The type of education is not effective when it comes to courses that require practical work.

The third factor is laziness and lack of seriousness among lecturers and students. There are some instances where the students do not attend lectures, but they end up graduating the end of their courses. On the other hand, some lecturers are not serious, and they do not care whether the students attend the lectures or not (Bok, 2009, pg. 201). These types of lecturers tend to award grades that the students do not worth. The overall results are the production of physicians who cannot even handle patients, engineers who cannot even construct roads or musicians who cannot even sing one single song.

Low-quality education affects the country as a whole. Its effects are devastating and may end up dragging the economy of a given a country. Think about a country which has fake doctors, engineers or teachers. It is obvious that the country can never move forward and meet the global standards of poor quality (Murray, 2008, pg. 124). It is also costly for a country to hire human personnel to provide some basic services. Hence, low-quality education is something that cannot be said will only affect an individual. The extent to which it affects the nation or an individual depends on the degree of some of the factors mentioned above. There is also long lasting effect to generation to come. If the same trend of education continues in our colleges, then the generation to come will have nothing to show off. The world will have half-baked graduates who cannot even comprehend something simple in life.

For the problem to be eradicated fully, the factors that contribute to low-quality education must be reversed. The solutions include; providing good learning facilities at the colleges and universities, making strict policies regarding education, and closing down universities and colleges that do not meet the required standards. However, reversing the situation is not easy. It is expensive as the cost of some equipment is too high (Murray, 2008, pg. 244). Therefore, the government must invest a lot in education to ensure that high standards are met. If the problem is not solved, the cost will be too high such that it will even affect the generation to come. Here, the cost can be viewed in terms of importing high-skilled personnel from other countries and taking students to outside universities with better learning equipment and facilities.

In conclusion, low-quality education is a problem that affects universities and colleges in the region. It is caused by some of the factors such as poor learning facilities, lack of enough lecture halls, laziness and lack of seriousness among lecturers and students, and money oriented learning institutions. The problem can affect both an individual and a country as a whole. It is expensive to reverse the factors that cause the problem herein. However, the cost of not solving the problem is more expensive as it will affect even the generation to come.

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