Essay on Preventive Dentistry and Its Importance to the Society

Published: 2021-06-29
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Preventive dentistry refers to the habit of taking care of the teeth and keeping them healthy. There are various types of preventive dentistry, such as dental cleanings, and daily brushing. Preventive dentistry is significant because it promotes oral health among people, therefore, becoming healthy free from dental related diseases. Effective preventive dentistry can decrease chances of developing issues like gingivitis, periodontitis, enamel loss, dental caries, gum disease, cavities and other dental problems. Also on the other hand, reducing the health risk of developing secondary problems that are caused by poor oral health. Some of the secondary health problems that are connected to the poor oral health include heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and respiratory diseases. Also, low birth weight together with premature birth may be connected to poor oral health, that's why pregnant women are advised to observe proper preventive dentistry. The secondary diseases caused by poor preventive dentistry are led by the injection of bacteria into the blood stream which makes body tissues and organs vulnerable to diseases (Limeback, 2012).

The major importance of preventive dentistry is that, it minimizes cases of visiting the dentist. This way one will be able to save money, whether child or adult, if they maintain effective preventive dentistry, it will end up the costs connected with poor oral hygiene as well as the dental insurance. Since it is not possible for the preventive dentistry to totally remove your need for dental implants, fillings or root canals, it can extend towards decreasing the need for expensive medical treatments (Silverstone, 2012).

Dental Neglect

Dental neglect is defined as continuous failure to fulfill the childs crucial oral health requirements, possibly leading to the serious dental impairment or basically health and development. Major effects of Child Dental Neglect include difficulties in eating, suffering from dental pain, unappealing look, restricted oral function, poor quality of life, low weight, and low-esteem. Dental neglect is a serious issue among the children since they are most vulnerable to dental diseases. Such unwanted effects can bring negative outcome on nutrition, ability to learn alongside other activities that the child does, which are imperative to their usual growth and development (Silverstone, 2012).

Dental neglect could affect the health state of an individual either child or adult, this is through the mouth-body connection. The mouth-body connection, explains how bacteria or the inflammatory chemicals that are produced by the gums immune cells gets into the bloodstream, hence influencing the behavior of the rest of the body organs and tissues. While in the early stages, the gums are affected with the disease, like gingivitis or bleeding while brushing the teeth. If not treated, it can lead to periodontitis, which is characterized with the pulling of the gums away from the tooth, giving space for the bacteria to have its way into the blood stream. The gums basically become ulcerated inside therefore having no tight seal and it can also lead to tooth loss. It can be said that dental neglect can indirectly lead to death once one contract chronic diseases contributed with the mouth-body connection (Limeback, 2012).

Dentist strongly suggests the need for parents, guardians, and teachers need to get involved in the proper oral health practices together with the proper feeding habits since they are the key areas in promoting dental health. With effective preventive dentistry, people will be less exposed to the risk of developing dental diseases and other secondary infections that could even lead to death.


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