Essay on Potato Chips and God By Linda Andrews

Published: 2021-08-10
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Potato Chips and God By Linda Andrews is an exceptional one. Linda in her story, she has used a hook, created a desire, introduced a conflict and challenges, she has included turning points and above all, she has resolved the story.

Just like in the Potato Chips and God by Linda Andrews, a good story should start with an exceptional hook something I strongly feel that Linda did. Take for instance how she puts it clearly in the story a little boy wanted to meet God. This is enough hook because just as it grasped my attention, I do believe that it grasps the attention of other readers as well. Above all, the hook compels one to concentrate with the story and find out what happens next and in this case, what happened to the boy and whether the boy found the God he wanted to meet.

Linda Andrews in her story The Potato Chips and God has created a desire in the boy as the protagonist something that I feel makes the story to be a quality one. The boy is set and ready to achieve a purpose. In any case, from the look of the story, the boy is already motivated as seen in how he packs his suitcase, with a bag of potato chips and a six-pack of root beer before he starts his journey. This is an indication that he is ready to face the challenges he was likely to experience on the road maybe like when it gets late he would camp somewhere and take a rest because I am sure the suitcase had carried beddings, and whenever he becomes hungry he had something to eat and so on.

People view God as a supernatural being that should be respected by everybody. Linda Andrewes has on this story created a conflict of a man with the supernatural. With this, it is evident that the The Potato Chips and God has met one of the qualities of a good story by creating conflicts. Come to think of how Linda Andrew has as well included an exceptional climax of the story. For instance, when the boy goes back home and the mother asks him what makes him so happy today, he replied, I had lunch with God. From such, we can tell that the protagonist has accomplished his purpose in the story. After all, you never know whether the Old man he met and returned to give a hug be he left him was his God.

Linda Andrews in her story The Potato Chips and God has been able to resolve it. She has tied up loose ends. All the questions that are raised when one starts to read the story have been answered at the end. After all, the boy answers his mother that he had lunch with God. If this is so, it simply means that he met with him. Besides, the ending has a logical outcome that I love. People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime! Embrace all equally! this has made the story to ever remain in my head because it is dramatical and memorable.

I will not only recommend the story to other people who love reading stories but put it as something they must do by reading Potato Chips and God by Linda Andrews. Its a true reflection of how stories should be written and be given a flow. Read the story and you will realize the memorable reads that are behind it. Read the story and if you are a starter you will be in a position to know how to write a good story that incorporates characteristics that include a hook, desire, conflict, climax, and resolution.

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