Essay on Policing Domestic and Family Violence in Western Australia

Published: 2021-08-07
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Domestic and family violence has been a social issue for some time globally. Some of the crimes that involve domestic violence include aggravated assaults, homicide, and calls for service. During the past, violence was a private matter between husband and wife. Police intervention was rare. Today, police departments consider cases of domestic violence as a high priority and they often respond to calls immediately. In Western Australia, for example, police take all measures to secure the safety of victims and children. They help by providing a police order, which would lead to a restraining order, offer counseling services, and refer victims to Crisis Care. The paper discusses indicators that police responses to family violence were favorable. As well, it talks about the difference between a police order and a violence restraining order as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

In Western Australia, there are indicators that police responses to family violence were successful. According to the Western Australia Police (n.d), the first indicator was law enforcement timely commenced and completed investigations by issuing a police order. Another successful indicator was that police referred the victims of the violence to agencies that would offer support. As well, the other indicator is that the police succeeded in the prosecution of offenders. In Western Australia, law enforcement have strategized their resources to monitor at-risk families within the local community and made offenders accountable for their actions.

In Western Australia, a 72-hour police order occurs when police have received a domestic violence report, but they have sufficient evidence to arrest or charge any person (Western Australia Police Force, 2015). Police usually issue an order when they are concerned about the safety and welfare of any individual. As the site indicates, a police order provides temporary protection for a victim to give them a chance to go to court and obtain a restraining order. As well, it indicates that a breach of the police order would result in arrest and a penalty similar to that of breaching a restraining order. On the contrary, a violence restraining order is a court order, which prevents a perpetrator from intimidating the victim (Western Australia Police Force, 2015). As the site indicates, courts issue a violence restraining order if they believe the restrained person is likely to commit a violent personal offense or behave in a manner that could lead to violence. More so, it adds that the order prevents the respondent from being in possession of a firearm, firearm license, and obtaining a firearm license.

In the context of family violence, the advantage of a police order is that it gives the victims relief within the first 72 hours. As well, it gives the victim a chance to enforce a violence restraining order legally after the 72 hours. On the contrary, the disadvantage is that it only provides a temporary relief to victims. On the other hand, the advantage of a violence restraining order is that it prevents contact between the victim and the perpetrator. More so, it provides physical removal of the abuser through order limitations. On the contrary, the disadvantage is that that it does guarantee the safety of the victim. Some perpetrators do not fear police arrest and often not deterred by papers.

In summary, domestic violence results in physical, sexual, and psychological damage. As it is apparent, over the years, law enforcement became more involved in domestic violence issues. In fact, they have developed new approaches to protect victims of domestic violence and to prevent abuse. As it appears, the police forces in Western Australia are vigilant to ensure that the welfare of victims and children is not compromised. Overall, responsible agencies should communicate and collaborate effectively to ensure quality outcomes for victims of family violence.


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