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Published: 2021-07-26
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In every business sectors, there should be the implementation of trade policies to ensure proper running and functioning of activities are observed. There is the need of systems application in the department of consultancy business where there are patients that ought to be attended (Ackley, 2016). These policies are supposed to cover all the safety requirements in the administration. In this sector, we shall analyze three strategies to use in Erie Consultancy business which should go in line with OSHA in this area. The policies are as discussed below;

1.) Hiring competency workers who are diversified.

The system will ensure that these diverse employees will help in preventing Blood-borne illness since they will exchange ideas and assist in noting what method can provide effective and efficient prevention is done. Workers who come from different culture and background will create a forum of using national language in the working institution leading to uniformity in communication. Clients will be notified of the danger of hazard communication through face to face discussion or calling a meeting within the organization to train workers on how to handle the clients. The use of gloves when handling patients in the consultancy can aid in preventing the transfer of germs during the examination (Boseley, 2006). The use of surgical tools such as pins, razor blades can assist the medics while helping any patient. Competent workers will lead to efficiency in preventing the spread of Cumulative trauma disorders by use of proper work design and always advising the patients to use an appropriate posture. Reducing repetitive movements at work can also be observed to ensure Erie Consultancy offer the best services to its clients to win more workers. Paying attention to the employee's grievances and complaints should be noted in this policy so that to minimize incidences of strikes and boycotts. The workers have got their rights as well as the employers who should be a two-way traffic to gain peace in this institution.

2.) Observing the laws and rules form the government regarding performing the business.

This policy will help in working according to the required form the government without oppressing our clients. Communication can be improved through email addresses as well as telephone calls to speak with customers. The workers will have to be trained to acquire skills on how to prevent the blood-borne pathogens within the institution. The law offers the required tools to use in such a sector when handling the patients which the company is ready to comply. Handling the potentially dangerous assignment can be handled through the issue of the required tools and equipment to handle such matters ( P.Nick Blanchard and James W Thacker, 2013). This policy will motivate the employer to release the employees with personal protective equipment which is necessary to work while examining the patients. Some of the law involves the maintaining cleanliness in the place of work and handling the patients with care. The laws in the policy should examine how the assignment of dangerous activities should be dealt with. Issuing of groves and patients handling tools should be provided within the institution to achieve the goals and take care of the patients. It would prevent the spreading of diseases form patients to the employee or the other way around.

3.) Dress code policy should also be implemented in this health care institution. It will help to reduce many hospital infections.

Measures should be taken so that the consultants comply with these policies. This policy should have the impression of creating a corporate image where the LNCs should agree with without asking any question. It will also enable communication to be effective due to the symbolism of using costs to identify they consultant in the healthcare institution. The dressing code will act as a personal protective tool as it will prevent the workers from acquiring dust and other infections within when treating the patients. These costs are washed using germs killing detergents always. Cumulative trauma disorders can be prevented by reducing movements around the hospital and also going treatment to the already infected people (Terry, Nicholas, 2015). The employees can be avoided from blood illness such as AIDS by giving them protective tools and equipment. This will help them to handle patients without getting infected. The clients will also get treatment using the evidenced-based method where maximum care is offered. The use of competent nurses who understand how to use tools and equipment in the hospital is also encouraged to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the working area.

Summarily, all consultants are supposed to observe the policies and measures taken in the institution to ensure that there is the implementation of all the protective rules required to operate any medical center. The employer should also provide protective tools and equipment which are necessary to handle patients while treating them. The worker also must provide a conducive environment for working to prevent the spreading of airborne diseases. Workers must observe all the policies given in the institution and adhere to them appropriately. Efficient and economical methods should be used for the sake of communication to prevent any hazard that may occur due to poor communication within the sector.


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