Essay on Organizational Behavior: Work Related Stress

Published: 2021-07-29
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In this case, Larry Field was an ambitious young man who loved his job. He had great dreams that involved him climbing the corporate ladder to become a senior executive in the organization he worked for. However, things happened so fast that he could not handle it. Despite doing great, in the beginning, the changes that happened in his personal life affected his progress. His young wife gave birth and this affected the amount of time that he could dedicate to his work. To make matters worse, changes happened in the workplace where he had to take up more responsibilities. This took a toll on him and he could hardly manage the situation. As a result, he was stressed and he could not decide what was right or wrong for him and his family. He developed stress as a result of the increased responsibilities that fed him.

One of the signs that Larry Field exhibited was the terrifying moments that he woke up to every morning after he got his promotion. The promotion resulted in a bigger salary, but he was not ready for it, as he was had not been keen when his supervisor was giving him advice and showing him how to act in a position of management. Hence, he took up the position of a manager without sufficient experience, and this impacted him negatively. He ended up experiencing terrifying moments when the worker upon ion the morning. This happened because he was afraid that he would be sent to work on a project that he did not have sufficient knowledge on, which made him panic every morning.

Additionally, Larry Field started talking faster than he used to as a result of the stress that he was experiencing in his life. In many cases, he ended up stumbling over his own words. His face would turn red and he would have to begin the whole sentence all over again. This shows that his speech was impaired due to the stress that he faced in his life. His wife believed that he had outgrown this problem.

After the new responsibilities came up, Larry Field started to smoke. This was another exhibition of the stress that he was facing. He had not smoked ever since he had started dating his wife. It had been a long time since he had met his wife and it seemed like he would not smoke again. As an excuse, he claimed that smoking kept his hands from shaking when he was working. This shows that he was smoking to forget the stress that he was facing when working. His crew members were affected when he smoked in the workplace.

One of the crew members Larry Field worked with was getting an engineering degree. As a result, he started doubting his abilities to be the boss. The crew member who was advancing his education was the same age as Larry Field and he felt like he was being replaced or he was being left out by his age mates. He felt that the crew member who was taking engineering classes was going to steal his job. Hence, as a result of the stress he faced, became insecure about his job. This made Larry lose his temper every time he was working with Alphonso, the crew member who was taking Engineering classes. It is therefore evident that Larry Field became more sensitive as a result of the stress that faced him.

As a result of the adjustments that Larry Field and his wife made due to the situation that faced their family, Alice had to work night shifts. This meant that Larry Field had to take care of their child during the night. Hence, he started drinking at night to numb the worry that he faced about the next day. He drank so often at night, that it became a pattern. This shows that Larry Field started to drink to cope with stress that he faced.

Larry Field was trying to cope with his stress by engaging in activities that armed him, his family, and the people he worked with. The smoking, late night drinking, short temper, insecurity, and other negative traits helped him to cope with his stress. He took out his stress on the people around him and he ended up affecting them as well. The activities that he engaged in were not helpful to his health.

Larry Field should have tried other mechanisms to cope with his stress. The methods that he used were not effective at all because they affected his health and the normal lives of the people around him (Grandey, 2000). Instead, he should talk to a counselor about his problems. Additionally, he should explain to his wife and his boss the problems that he is facing instead of being secretive avoiding help. If he does this, his burden will be reduced and he can gain more confidence in himself and his abilities. Moreover, his boss can consider the tailor the responsibilities he has given to Larry so that they can fit his schedule and demands (Siegrist, 2016).

It is also important for Larry Field to evaluate what he really wants and hence come to a conclusion that is based his needs. He is not fully decided no what he wants and this is affecting him and his family. An evaluation of his desires and the decisions that he is supposed to make to fulfill them are important.


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