Essay on Obesity as a Major Health Issue in the Future

Published: 2021-07-02
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Obesity is a major health issue in the current generation. A lot of research has been done to look into the causative agents of obesity and some of the potential solutions to the health care problem of obesity. A lot of studies regarding the topic show that obesity is a major public health issue today and with the current situation, it appears to be a major issue that will also affect the current generation. One of the contributing factor to obesity is the increased use of junk foods among the young generation. Most of these foods have the high amount of cholesterol that is harmful to the human body. There are a lot of contributing factors to people consuming these kinds of food. A greater percentage of people that use this type of foods are the younger generation that is mostly school going. They mostly consume these foods because they are lazy to cook the healthy foods as they are time-consuming in their preparation or because there are a lot of junk food at their disposal leaving with no choice but to buy the foods from the fast food restaurants. Being that this has become a norm for most of the people, the trend will continue even in the future. This means that a lot of people and especially the younger generation are at a risk of contracting the disease. Also, most of the schools have canteens that only sell fast moving foods such as fries and other foods that research has shown to cause obesity. Because of this, it is a public health issue that must be addressed. When something is not done, then obesity will be a major health issue that will consume the lives of many people. The culture of consuming fast moving foods is also grounded among the young people. This means it is a trend that will be carrying on the problem.

Judging from the present situation, there should be more reasons to worry about obesity and how it will bring toil to the future generation. The prevalence of obesity is now twice in adults and children and has tripled in adolescents over the last twenty years. The prediction shows that the number may go higher judging from the current behavior of adults, children and the adolescent people. A lot of people in the streets and approximately two-thirds of the American population are obese or are overweight. Statistics show that the United States records more than 400,000 deaths in a year and uses billions of dollars in the health care for issues that are related to obesity. This is more reason to worry about obesity in the future as more deaths may mean losing of intellectual property that is very beneficial to the land. The increase in the number of people suffering from obesity will also mean that the government will have to send more funds on treating people with obesity. There will be fewer funds going to people for development. Furthermore, more funds being used on obesity will mean that funds used in other segments of the economy such as educating the young ones or provision of social amenities will go down. The aftermath is that there will be a society that is overweight and cannot do more for development. This will affect the schooling of many students. The working age group will also be affected negatively as there will be a reduction in the workforce. A reduction in the workforce will mean that there will be less production. Less production in the country will lead to the reduction in the gross domestic product thus less development in the country and increased suffering.

There is a growing capacity to explain the obesity problem as more studies have shown obesity in different perspectives. However, it is still a challenge in coming out with one effective approach that can be used to completely bring down the global pandemic of obesity. The problem with trying to eliminate obesity at it early stages have been found a major challenge as the infection can still progress in the future depending on the eating behavior of the individual. Another reason that makes obesity to be a potential headache in the future is the fact that there is very little debate on the manner in which individual persons become obese. Most of the people argue that obesity is largely caused by consuming more calories than the body expands. However, there are other causes of obesity. Therefore, as people will be trying to avoid obesity by reducing their level of consumption of calories, they may still be exposed to some other factors that may make them contract the disease. Because of this, people are still at a risk of contracting the disease. There is very little knowledge among the population on all the things that they are supposed to avoid to become free from obesity. Furthermore, most of the debates surrounding debate usually dwell on how the whole population has become so obese within a short period. Calorie dense food, sedentary lifestyle, large portion sizes as well as excessive television viewing have been identified as some of the most contributing factors as to why people have become so obese within a short period. This seems to be still a major challenge because most of the fact that majority of the young population are living a lifestyle that is contributing to the obesity. It has become a norm to them that they see nothing wrong with their lifestyle.

In conclusion, it is evident that obesity is a major challenge in the society. It will be a major health issue owing to the lifestyle that most of the current generation and especially the youths are living. There has been a double increase in the number of children and adults that have contracted obesity in the last two decades. The numbers have tripled among the adolescent age. Projections show that the numbers will increase even more in the future considering that most people are still engaging in the contributing factors to obesity. This, therefore, means that the numbers of deaths related to obesity are set to increase in the future. This is a great worry that calls for immediate action taken to reduce the future deaths that will be experienced. Also, the government will be forced to increase their spending in trying to treat the patients that are suffering from obesity. In the future, obesity will still be a major challenge because even the school system allows the selling of foods that have high levels of calories. This should be stopped through initiating a major campaign to enlighten people on some of the causes of obesity. This will help in making people be aware of some of their behaviors that put them at the risk of contracting obesity. Secondly, the government should put more funds for research on how obesity can because, can be stopped and alternative solutions to the behaviors that mostly makes people engage in the causative factors of obesity. Through this, there will be a lot of knowledge that will help to guide people on the whole issue of obesity. Another strong recommendation that can reduce the risk of having obesity as a major health crisis in the future is through passing strong legislation to fast food restaurant or any shops that are selling foods that have the high amount of calories. This will ensure that the population is not subjected to foods that can make them contract obesity. Finally, obesity can also be controlled among the adolescent age where it is rampant through Introducing a program in the school that will help educate them on some of the better ways that cam make them leave a healthy life. This will not only help them in trying to live without contracting obesity but will also play a very major role in ensuring that hey live a healthy life that is free from any kind of infection. This will introduce the culture of healthy life. Through this, it will be possible to bring up a generation that is used to the healthy culture. This will lead to fewer deaths in the future and less government spending on trying to treat the sick population.

Task 2

Technology has taken over the current world. Nearly everything that is done uses technology. Communication is very essential in trying to link up all these activities. Information and communication technology as played this role very effectively as it has made the world a global village. People can conduct meetings while they are different geographical locations. In the modern society, different aspects of life use ICT to make their operations successful. In schools, organizations, and cooperatives, the use of ICT forms the backbone of their primary objective. Therefore, Information and communication technology is a large field that entails virtually all technologies that can receive or store or transmit signals electronically. Because electronics is strongly tied to the current society, the benefits and the demerits of ICT use may not be immediately apparent. Therefore, looking at the benefits and the demerits of ICT can help gauge how they impact on the current generation. It is through this that we can appreciate their presence and work towards eliminating the demerits that are brought about by ICT. Therefore, this task looks into the advantages and disadvantages of ICT in the modern society.

Advantages of current information technology communication

The current information technology in communication helps in speeding u decision making in an organization or among individuals. Because information technology helps in speeding up the transfer of information as the employees in the organization can consult each other with a lot of ease and analyze the information electronically within the shortest time possible to reach an effective and fast decision. Speed decision making helps in reducing the risk that can occur due to delayed decision making. In my vocational area training, it can be very effective as it can assist the health care practitioners in coming out with the right strategies that can be used to prevent obesity in the future. There are a lot of information that are encoded on the internet. The health care practitioners can use this platform to look into the right ways that they can handle their patients. In turn, they can make an informed decision on how they can help them and the right knowledge that they can pass to them to ensure that they are totally free from the infection. Also, the use of ICT can help them communicate with other health care practitioners that are in far-off places and look for common solutions to the common problems that they are facing. For instance, they can find a way of dealing with obesity in a way that will bring down the crisis together. ICT helps in sending of information in the fastest time possible. The communication technology tools such as the text messaging and the electronic mail system always does speed up the sending of information within and outside of the information. Furthermore, with the use of decentralized computing systems, the sharing of information within and outside organization has become very fast because all data can be accessed from one central unit database and then can be shared across the different departments that are in the organization. This can help in the healthcare center as the practitioners in the entire department can be able to get information on some of the better ways that can be used to reduce obesity. The information can easily be shared with them. Also, ICT can help the healthcare practitioners to easily look into the potential future threats of obesity and in turn look for the best strategies that they can use to reduce the future risks.

Disadvantages of ICT

The current information communication technology has become a poor substitute for face to face communication. Being that most of the health care practitioners in the different departments are using machines to communicate, they have very less time to communicate o each other and knowledge each other better his as brought about bad relationships at work. As much as tho...

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