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Published: 2021-06-23
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Normal behavior can be termed as to what is the common code of conduct among a majority of the individuals in a particular society. For instance, it is normal for people to exhibit adequate job capacity. The typical behavior of a member of society may change over time and what was considered normal thus becoming abnormal. For instance wearing bikinis in beaches it was the proper thing in Italy during the early 20th century until that aspect and women could no longer wear such, and the shift was to burkinis (ALISA 2016). On the other hand, the concept of abnormality denotes a perverted evolution of the normal psychological behavior. The unusual behavior of people that is not in a position to be tolerated by common forms of expression furthermore explains abnormal. Just as normal behavior to unusual behavior over time, the same can also happen to abnormal behavior pattern. The change occurs gradually and is supported by changing societal needs and culture. In this essay, I would like to discuss two things: One I will show a current standard behavior which is a might undergo a paradigm shift to be considered as abnormal in the years to come. Secondly, I will put my thoughts in alignment with what is considered now to be abnormal and how the same may change to be normal in future. Finally, I will not hesitate to put forth my opinion concerning whether the behavior change will be good or bad.

One example of some ordinary things which are being caught up with time and may become abnormal in future. It is such an abnormal thing for women to propose to their potential husbands. Looking at the current statistics carried out in the US only 5% of married men agree that women should propose to their potential husbands. With the rising trend of feminism where women are advocating equal rights men, this abnormal behavior might come to an end. One of the endings of BBC news, I read in last year eight women decided to propose to their boyfriend. Molly Gibney the UK born beautiful young lady captured the attention of everyone when she proposed to her long dating boyfriend, Paul. It looks romantic (Urban 2013). Does it? Maybe it is but our culture does not advocate for such. The majority of the UK citizens having some belief in Christianity, they usually term that as unbiblical and they are very fast to term that is moral. Be that is it may be, even the Muslim community does not advocate for such. Hinduism and other religions have women as very submissive, and they too are against. But for how long will our culture and religion portray negative perception on this matter. Only time will tell. Though according to the way vehicles are changing wheel this issue may be healthy soon or later. This change can also be explained from an evolutionary point of view where women who are becoming more masculine and developing their ego as time progresses. A long time ago women had been very submissive and therefore could not attempt any argument with their husband's something which has faded over time. Nowadays we see women doing things, in the past were viewed to be done by men thus the notion of women being inferior to men is fading away. This could even worsen as time goes by and the whole thing is like no retreat, forward ever, backward never.

Marriages between people of the same sex are a trend that is continuing to look healthy in the recent past, but it may not be so shortly. Recent statistics show that 58% of American Men and 52 % of American women support marriage between people of the same Gender. This statistic demonstrates that these unions are becoming the order of the day, something unavoidable. With the change of Regime and a new government coming in places with the law against such and the increasing awareness on the immorality of such phenomenon, the trend might continue for long. Christians who are in the forefront in the fight against such will surely win the battle to the growth in the church and Christian faith in general. Such kind of marriages may be seen as strange happenings in the years to come. The statistics may not grow further because the society is beginning to rebel on this issue. Looking forward these same-sex marriages, are doing a lot of harm to the society and are undoubtedly disturbing the social stability of the community.

From the perspective of women proposing to their boyfriends, it is not a good move. First, it shifts the roles of men in the society and therefore making women less submissive as the culture may expect. The act will lower the dignity of a woman, and it will lead to more unstable marriages in the future which will be marked by divorce and conflict. The issue will alter the current social systems leading to a paradigm shift in the way the society expects women to be in the society. With the upcoming fight for equality among men and women, the change may mean that the boy child will be an endangered species. The talk might turn to who should approach the other when things move out of control girls will be approaching men for sexual favors. This culture will inevitably be adopted by other cultures all the world, and the whole universe would be there to welcome it.With the current trend and globalization where the world is just becoming a small global village as the trend to better technology becomes the order of the day. Sharing of the information has become quite comfortable, and everybody is becoming more digital than ever.

In my opinion, when marriages of the same sexes will become an abnormal thing in our culture, it means that most of the families in the USA will enjoy stability in marriages. Divorce cases will be real, and America will raise a moral society when it comes to this aspect (Boswell, 2013). It will have positive implication in the society in general. Looking forward most of the Americans will have a positive few towards the dying institution of marriage, and there will be exercising of more healthy relationships something which has been lacking in the past. These change would communicate a message to the whole world and will lead to a renewed thought about how people of the same gender should relate. The universe would come to a standstill to witness the gradual changing belief. Culture would also play a major role in this aspect thus the issue will have considerate effects on the culture.


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