Essay on Never Ending Demand for Drugs and Medicines

Published: 2021-06-23
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PESTLE Analysis


At the moment there is an ever growing political focal points and pressure on authorities concerned with matters of healthcare on a global basis. Such shows that all industry leaders all over the world are looking to cut on costs. A number of the queries the companies in this industry ought to ask themselves is what are the current pressures on strategies of pricing? Which manner of services will undergo cuts; will a similar election on medicine and drugs be at the disposal of each and every person? Moreover, could the world realize greater linkages of systems in healthcare all over the world? ; What will be the impact of reforms on models of insurance? (Zaman, 2011).


The world financial crisis still affects businesses up to now, but many governments information still depicts that the amount of money committed to healthcare per citizens is always on the rise. Will the present models of healthcare be around in the future? The expansion in care giving practice at home is a depiction of the manner in which services in nursing have moved to the private sector and have gained the status of a primary business offering (Todorova, 2015). The cuts in the disposable incomes of consumers are more likely to have a bearing on the countries making use of decent models of healthcare more so where down payment is needed. The above mentioned economic stresses are on the verge of witnessing an increased growth and development where strategic purchasing factions that are forcing down prices. Besides, rising pressure from all shareholders has brought about a strengthening of the trade; much additional M&As will be seen in the near future (Rao, Zhao, Zhang, Yang, Lou, and Zhang, 2016).

Social / Culture

Rising proportion of the elderly brings about several chances and intimidation to the drug. Best approaches would be to take advantage of the said opportunities. Also, there is a challenge of the ever-increasing obesity between the global populace and its connected physical condition risk of those affected. Patients and caregivers at home ought to be much well-versed. Their outlook has been changing, and people have been seeking more. Community initiatives have also been on the increase by means of bringing together conventional community network technology. The question is in what way can pharmaceutical firms be close to all the end users minus being perceived as interfering with set and established legal limits?


Technical developments will bring about more business opportunities in relation to the provision of service in the industry and the use of brand new systems of therapy. Opportunities on the internet will definitely bring about real growth when it comes to matters of information and communications technologies. Whats more, tech has the capacity to bring about Direct to Patient Advertising, Social Media for Healthcare, Customized Treatments, and Direct to patient communications among other things (Hoq and Ahsan, 2013).


The drugs and medicines industry is characterized by a lot of legislative and legal limits. There happens to be a rising background of court case proceedings all over the world. The development of the World Wide Web is also expanding the legal span with patients looking to get much more privileges in their programs of healthcare (Helms and Nixon, 2010).


Rising ecological program all over the world and the primary stakeholders are at the moment being informed on the essence for firms to be much more down to business in this industry. Pharmaceutical companies are looking to find out the manner in which their corporations and promotion efforts connect in relation to all the ecological concerns. In addition to that, there happens to be a chance to include it in their CSR agendas. Promotion and brand new drugs and medicine development ought to find out chances for the eco-opportunity to advertise as well. Available data shows just a proportion of the probable macroeconomic influences that have to do with the industry (Zaman, 2011).


Businesses in the pharmaceutical industry have found PESTLE and SWOT Analyses to be invaluable tools that help in the evaluation of performance. In addition to that, they help employees and management aware of what competitors are doing.



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