Essay on Music and Sound in Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Published: 2021-06-29
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The short story, Young Goodman Brown talks about a young man that was living a happy married life and at the same time, tied down to evil deeds. This paper examines the music and sound that permeates through the story. There are several words that will be used to describe the elements of music and sound that are evident within the short story and supporting lines will also be provided. These words include the genre of the short story, the dynamic of events within the story, the harmony, the melody and lastly the dynamic of the story.

To begin with, Young Goodman Brown is a classical piece of writing that expresses romance. At the beginning of the story, we find that Goodman has so much love for Faith that he is willing to sacrifice anything just to rest happily in her arms. He talks about leaving for the evil errand and coming back to his beloved, Young Goodman Brown came forth at sunset into the street at Salem Village; but put his head back after crossing the threshold, to exchange a parting kiss with his young wife. In addition, the story turns out to be classical because it talks about the Christian religion and the dilemma that existed within the heart of Young Goodman Brown. Secondly, the story expresses a bundle of different harmonies. First, the story expresses a happy start. This has been expressed at the point when Goodman watches his precious wife vanish back into the streets as he heads into the deep dark forest. Their relationship seems to be one that has few problems. It means that Goodman and Faith are living to put a smile on each others face every other day of their lives (Nathaniel).The reader is likely to find this intriguing as the happiness is all that a young couple requires to making a great empire. Letting the wind play with the pink ribbons of her cap while she called to Goodman Brown, well, shes a blessed angel on earth

The sad part comes when Goodman faces the dark faces within the deep ends of the forest and later comes to church, only to find that the evil that resides in his heart doesnt allow for the good Christian teachings to thrive. The other element is melody. Here, we find that the story has areas that are catch, some of which are uplifting and others are demoralizing (Nathaniel).The journey of Goodman Brown is described using lots of imagery that helps the reader to build the exact context and at the same time retain the story, At one extremity of open space, hemmed in by the dark wall of the forest, arose a rock, bearing some rude, natural resemblance either to an altar or a pulpit

The last element of music and sound within the short story is dynamic. With regard to this element, we find that the story has been presented in a crescendo manner. This is so because the story begins when things seem to be okay with Faith and Goodman Brown, then the journey brings in an atmosphere of fear that builds up gradually and later on reaches its maximum. The story develops from a normal context part, where Goodman sees all the good in people and doesnt regret taking the path of evil and keeping it. It later develops into a scenario where Goodman meets with evil face to face.

The explained elements have helped to identify the music and sound within the short story of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Work Cited

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Young Goodman Brown and Other Tales. Oxford University Press, USA, 1998.



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