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Published: 2021-07-12
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Attribute Listing Employees should be involved in planning for the working schedule (Allen 2011). This will enhance work-life balance, thereby reducing stress in employees. There will be intercultural competitions organized among employees. Having joint competitions among employees will help build teamwork and consequently the appreciation of the talents and abilities possessed by the staff from other cultures. The organization should also organize open forums where employees can demonstrate their abilities. This platform of direct interaction between the staff and management is essential in helping them open up (Clutter buck, 2001).To make the flow of information effective, employees should be allowed to have unions through which employees can channel their grievances (Funke, 2010). Such associations within an organization help in fostering good relationships.

The various aspects of the project were listed to determine the most ideal solution in making the company a better working environment. All the key factors, like the discrimination of employees based on culture, poor interaction, and the fixed work schedule, were discussed in detail, and better solutions were identified to assist in rectifying the existing assumptions and challenges.

Brainstorming and its variants Trigger method

Wildest Idea Variant

Round Robin

Brainstorming Employees will be offered five minutes to note various issues that they have in the organization. Every member then reads their issues one by one and each is generally discussed by the entire group. This facilitates the generation of all the viable solutions to employee issues until a final thought is arrived at which can solve the problem.

In suggesting the possible solutions to the problems, the wildest idea variant was a very significant method of attaining practical solutions (Raymond, 2005). There was the idea of grouping employees in a mixed way from various functional areas and assigning a team leader from management. This would ensure that the various challenges and grievances employees are discussed in these groups and in the functional area meeting. The various team leaders will then discuss as management during their own meetings to see who among the team leaders is not interacting well with the members of their functional areas. This would help in determining the functional area that has the biggest challenges and in establishing remedies to problems raised. It increases accountability and responsibility in management in relating well with the members. It also fosters teamwork and cultural diversity since there is no discrimination while grouping the staff. Management can collect all the ideas from employees through this method and later, discuss the possible solutions to each problem mentioned by the employees. This can make employees view management as very caring about their welfare and can boost the good relationships between them.

The performance appraisal is significant in enhancing accountability in the staff (Allen, 2011). Employees need to be trained and developed regularly for the improvement of their performance. They will also be accountable and will submit various reports concerning their performance. Management will submit their reports on how they operate. As employment relations are a fundamental aspect in appraisals, they will be forced to conform to the expected good employment relations. This will build a good relationship between employees and management, thereby solving the poor interaction challenge, which hampers the productivity of the company.

Lateral thinking and associated methods Lateral Thinking

Most companies carry out inclusive induction activities for new workers.

Through this induction workers gain a better level of understanding of the company , its missions , objectives and purpose, the process implements effective strategies that are objectives are applicable to the employees. Induction programmers should involve preliminary health and safety guidance to the workers.

The process of effective induction should provide employees with the knowledge of where they effectively fit within the organization and also who they can work with after the training.

Synaptic Fantasy Analogy

Itemized Response Facilities management team support employees with training related to work as time management and communication skills. Also learning department from HR is supposed to educate new employees with code of ethics and code of conflicts, those support the business.

Flexible workplace arrangement is essential in making employees more productive. Moreover, the company has increased its functional areas; therefore, there is a high possibility of increasing allocation of resources. Flexible working arrangements relieve extra costs in an organization (Allen, 2011). When communication is employed in the organization, employees can comfortably work from their homes through the portals they have with the organization. It is an effective way of limiting the poor relationships existing among the workers because they interact less.

Miscellaneous ideation SWOT

Mind maps According SWOT different work units were established within the company to facilitate the closeness of employees as well as management (Funke, 2010). This would help the management in evaluating the performances of various employees. This can lead to better appreciation of the staff through tours, tokens, and other prizes, thus motivating them and making them feel appreciated by the company. In addition, it will also build a stronger link between the staff and management.

Activity 7 Identification of a range of potential solutionsSummary

Problem-solving requires openness and willingness to understand the cause (Funke, 2010). In the company, there were certain causes of the well-known problem: negative attitudes towards certain cultures and poor relationships. Having identified this issue sets the process of reaching the solution. One factor worth reiterating is that a real interaction in the organization is essential in making a company productive through consultation the idea. The act of consultation enables the employees views to be appreciated and taken into account by the corporation. Organization consultation needs to be a two-way traffic communication process that allows workers to participate in the act of decision-making mainly focusing on the aspects that affect their health, security issues as well as company interests. Business consultation is not the similar to negotiation

Managers are usually obliged to seek advice from their working staff in the following circumstances:

When formatting how the process of consultation will be conducted

In the evaluation of risks as well as the review of risk assessments conducted within the organization

When implementing decisions on the control of business risks in the place of work

During the establishment or change of measures used in evaluating risks; for example, the surveillance activities on health.

When making decisions about the adequacy of welfare facilities when proposed changes are made to premises, work methods, plant or substances which may affect the health, safety or welfare of employees at work.

Activity 8 Identifying the likely constraints

From the indicated problems, there are certain limitations that are expected in the business of the organization (Wang & Chiew, 2010). One of the key constraints noted is the internal conflict among employees and management. An organization where there is no proper relationship between the junior staff and senior staff usually fails to be successful in its operations (Schoppek, 2002). In most cases, the team feels harassed and frustrated. This has an ideal impact on their morale, thereby leading to a reduction in their productivity and inferior performance. Poor relationships between management and staff hurt the communication among them, causing negative production (Novick & Bassok, 2005). Effective dissemination of information will not be achieved when staff and management do not have a good relationship. This can be a constraint on the success of the organization. Moreover, internal conflicts which part of the complex problem resulting from the irregular promotion of individual employees in the organization can never motivate hard working employees who are likely to drive the team's success (Wang & Chiew, 2010). This is because they find that their efforts are not rewarded accordingly, which consequently lowers their morale. Such promotions can hamper the quality of services and products offered by the organization to the customers. The customers demand quality products and a focus on quality does not require favoring employees while offering promotions (Wang & Chiew, 2010). Irregular development results to allotting of young employees in certain positions which require skills and knowledge where only experienced and qualified employees should be placed (Wang & Chiew, 2010). The ultimate result is then noted by the poor quality of the output, thereby sending customers away and causing the business to fail.

It can also lead to poor relationships with employees within the organization, hindering teamwork. A successful organization is one in which teamwork is the core factor for its success (Novick & Bassok, 2005). According to Wang & Chiew (2010), everyone is required in making the organization successful. When this is lacking because of the internal conflicts among employees, the organizations business will be unsuccessful. When there is no teamwork among employees, there may be no assistance from staff members on duty to cover for another staff who may be out sick. This implies that the duty station would remain vacant or a day could go by without any production from the station (Novick & Bassok 2005) staggering performance.. Also, technological application in the business world is a major challenge for the success of most business entities (Danner et al., 2011). When competitors of the organization are using advanced technology in delivering services to their customers, there will be few customers attracted or retained in an organization that is not technologically advanced. Technology is high-speed, effective, and efficient in service delivery, and this would pull a considerable number of existing customers to competitors (Danner et al., 2011). Moderate progress in technology forms a major constraint in making the business successful. As a result, poor delivery of services will initiate low-quality output; hence, the business will be running at losses in its operation. In light of this, low diversity regarding culture adds the complexity of a problem in making the business successful (Danner et al., 2011).Description of Solution Solution A Solution B Solution C

Evaluation Method 1

Morphological analysis The technique enhances work-life balance by engaging all the employee in planning. Established working environment is substantially achieved. Adopting an involving leadership style in the organization

Evaluation Method 2

Miscellaneous ideation Application of SWOT Analysis, weakness identification strengthens management. This form the backbone for business planning and analysis. SWOT takes care of internal and external factors thus enhancing success.

Evaluation Method 3

Brainstorming and its variants Conducting performance appraisals through evaluation. Develop a tool for participation that helps employees air out their contributions towards mitigation measures. Training and equipping employees with critical operation skills.


From the proposed solutions, that is morphological analysis, SWOT analysis, and Brains...

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