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Published: 2021-08-11
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There are several types of research that have been carried out on marketing and hospitality management and their articles have been published up to date. Through a critique of these articles, an individual is able to develop an understanding of the significant contribution made by the authors in the field of marketing and hospitality. In this particular assignment, two articles from CSU online library will be discussed as well as their critique. One of the articles from CSU online library is marketing trends in hospitality industry management. The other article that has been put into consideration is the role and importance of internet marketing in modern hotels.

Article one: Gustavo, N. (2013). Marketing management trends in tourism and hospitality industry: Facing the 21st-century environment. International Journal of Marketing Studies, 5(3), 13

Article two: Ivica Batinic. In: Journal of Process Management. Role of internet in modern hotels New Technologies

Gustavo in his article on marketing and management trends in tourism has concentrated on the situation and environmental conditions that each industry and organization competes with. Focusing on tourism and hospitality management, (Gustavo, N. (2013), has shown how this industry has adopted several styles and strategies in its marketing operation to cope with the increasingly stiff competition among similar industries offering same services and products. The article has detailed information on the factors that influence the industry. These factors are among the macro-environment factors that caused the changes in hospitality and traveling sector. Besides, (Gustavo, N. (2013), through a clear critique of the article, there will be easy recognition of the changes in the value chain analysis of this field in terms of demand and supply. Additionally, the study identifies the modification that has been done to the micro and macro environment of this sector which requires strategies and styles in its marketing.

In this article by Ivica Batinic, on the role of technology in modern hotel industries, the author has focused the role of the internet in the todays hotel management and operations. The article has discussed how several hotels have adopted the use of technology both in hotel operations and the general management of similar industries. Ivica has shown that many hotels today have gained competitive advantages through the use of technology. Roles played by technology in hospitality are also well discussed in this article by Ivica Batinic. Additionally, the author has established both the advantages and disadvantages of technology in hospitality management.

After a good study on Gustavo article on marketing trends in tourism and hospitality management it is seen that through technology, tourism has recorded transversal features in the supply and demand. Evidently, (Gustavo, N. (2013), according to United Nations world tourism data organization, the demand for tourism was at 25 million in the last 117 decades. The number was at 1000 million tourists in 2013 and from that data, it is assumed that in the next 10 years there will be a demand of 1.8 million. From the article, (Gustavo, N. (2013), it is evident that, through development in the economy as one of the microenvironment influence tourism, there has been a notable increase in this sector. Development in the economy as discussed in this article is through air transport. Through air transport, the author argues that there has been increased globalization of tourism activity. Through development in airline, there have been increased tourism activities in the world

Another macro environment that influences hospitality and tourism sector is the location of hotel facilities. Gustavo has proved that from the huge demand of tourism in the world, many tourists are travel to the Middle East as their preferred areas. Considering that tourism goes hand in hand with hospitality, (Gustavo, N. (2013), this article has termed location as one of the factors that influence this sector. This factor focus on the main area's tourist tends to visit regularly such as forests, agricultural products beaches among other natural resources.

Similarly, the article has discussed the hospitality industry as a microenvironment factor that influences tourism.

The author relates this micro factor to the size of the hospitality business, location, and brand. On location it evident this factor influence this sector based on distribution and number of locations. The number a hospitality has the more likely it is to have good returns. Additionally, (Gustavo, N. (2013), this article looks at a company as a micro factor based how it's branding on star ratings. Other micros and macro factors discussed in this article are a change in laws, customers, and legal factors. On legal factor, the hospitality industry is affected because there are variables that cannot be controlled which include health and safety. Nevertheless, the author has stated that hygiene factor should always be put on the front line by all hotels. The article has finally discussed that use of visionary style is important when hospitality company news to have new directions by making staffs consider the micro and macro factors that influence the industry. Secondly, another management style as brought out in this article is coaching which enable a one-on-one talk on how to improve performance after clear consideration of influential factors. Lastly, there should be teamwork as a style in marketing and hospitality management.

Following the discussed factors above the other article on the role of the internet in modern hotels, (Batinic, I. (2015), the author has proved that through technology, there has been online booking of rooms and food services online. Modern hospitality companies have the online booking services thus reducing traveling of tourist and client the company compound for bookings. This is to address the economy as a micro factor influencing hospitality industry. Similarly, the article has described the internet as a powerful tool in hospitality and tourism as it only requires the travelers to get to the website and see the photo thus before traveling the, they know what to expect. Additionally, (Batinic, I. (2015), the article on the role of technology as stated that internet in hospitality management improves revenue, websites, blogs social media and online ordering. More so, internet in hospitality marketing and management has a role in a reservation. Through proper use of technology, hospitality business can have booking engines which allow customers to make reservations and compare prices.

Computer systems, (Batinic, I. (2015), are another important role played by technology in hospitality management. Many hospitality businesses are large and dispersed and they should, therefore, use computer systems to stay connected. This is because there is communication between branches and location thus improving the guest experience, guest needs, and housekeeping information.

Both micro and macro environment factors have influenced hospitality and tourism industry. Many hospitality businesses have tried to consider factors that influence this sector. From the articles, it is clear that economy, customer, technology, and location of a hospitality business are the key factors that influence this industry. From the first article, through consideration and action to these factors, there has been increased demand I tourism. The article by Gustavo considers coaching, visionary and teamwork as the key marketing and management styles. On the other hand, the article on the role of technology in modern hotels has discussed the impact technology has on the sector of hospitality. Through computer systems, hotels have increased revenue and increased security. Conclusively, any hospitality industry should consider the micro and micro factors that impact to the hospitality industry. Also, hospitality manager should use technology in their business to improve their performance.


Gustavo, N. (2013). Marketing management trends in tourism and hospitality industry: Facing the 21st century environment: International Journal of Marketing Studies, 5(3), 13.

Batinic, I. (2015). The role and importance of Internet marketing in modern hotel industry: Journal of Process Management. New Technologies, 3(3), 34-38.

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