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In this research activity, we shall use questionnaires (as a quantitative method) and focus groups (as a qualitative research method) to assess the workers. The purpose of choosing a questionnaire is the efficiency by which data for this research activity can be collected. This activity will therefore use one hundred questionnaires. All the questionnaires will then be distributed to one hundred employees to collect relevant information. Regarding the focus groups, the interviewee and the interviewer will have a chance to share one on one. Therefore, data gets collected from different perspectives. In summary, the research activity determines that various external and internal factors influence employee attitude and performance (Michael 1996). The use of focus groups and questionnaires will therefore help the management of Disneyland to understand the aforementioned factors which then translates to the performance of employees. The research results will also help in the provision of recommendations on how the company can increase the motivation of employees. Basically, this activity will analyze and discuss worker motivation determinants, performance, and also employee behavior in the working environment (Michael 1996).



Background of Disneyland

Several years ago, the founder of Disneyland, Mr. Walt Disney came up with Disney world for the purpose of enchanting adventure and fantasy realms in this magical wonderland. Such a vision has been realized in Hong Kong. Disneyland Hong Kong is therefore dedicated to young people for the purpose of providing joy and hope and inspiration. The company also happens to be a symbol of endurance, friendship, cooperation, and understanding between the individuals from the U.S and Hong Kong. With regards to the history of Disneyland Hong Kong, it is worth noting that employees play a major role in the performance of the company. By so saying, it is also worth noting that work incentives greatly affect employee productivity in the business organization (Abdul and Raheela 2014).

Disneyland has a daily park capacity of approximately 34,000 clients. All the same, the capacity is believed to be the lowest compared to other Disneyland parks. At the time of its inception, the park registered about 5.2 million visitors which was very much below the expected number of 5.6 million. In the second year, number fell by about 20% to 4 million. The reason for such a drop then befell the local legislators and a lot of criticisms were put on them. However, in 2007, the number of visitors increased by about 8% to 4.5 million. Two years later, the number also soared by another 2% to a total of 4.8 million visitors. Afterwards, the number of attendance surged steadily leading to a total of 5.23 million visitors in the fiscal year of 2010. Since its inception, Disneyland has been able to host more than 25 million visitors. Reports from TEA and AECOM show that Disneyland Hong Kong is among the twenty most visited parks worldwide as at the end of 2013 fiscal year. The number shot to 7.4 million visitors. As at September 2012, Disneyland Hong Kong made a profit summing to HK$109 million which translates to US$13.97 million. The park currently occupies about 68 acres of land and also experiences more than 7.92 million hosts every year. However, it is estimated that the park is likely to experience an increase in visitors to about 10 million visitors every year for 15-year period of expansion.

One such way that this approach towards employee motivation is tackled or viewed is via the issue of "add-ins" to a persons work as the core factor when it comes to improving performance. By so doing, many business organizations would ensure that they use a number of employee benefits which include:

Health care

Life insurance

Profit sharing

Stock ownership plans for employees

Exercise facilities

Meal plans being subsidized

Availability of child care

Availability of company cars

Such incentives have always been identified by business organizations as a way of trying to maintain the happiness of employees or rather motivate them. Most of the theorists identify that employee motivation is one factor that help organizations achieve success. It is argued that workers are better placed with the manner in which feel with regards to the activities they perform. Such feeling, however, has little affliction with regards to material rewards as opposed to the job design. Studies also show that jobs that are simplified and highly segmented which results to reduced morale of employees as well as output. However, consequences that result from reduced levels of employee motivation are compost of high turnover and absenteeism which happen to be costly for business organizations. As a result of such, enlargement of jobs as an initiative has the ability of ensuring that organizations are flexible. Some of the initiatives that would be employed in the realization of employee motivation include:


By having more employees given authority on decision-making processes such workers have the control realm increased with regards to the tasks in which such workers are held responsible. The workers would then be better equipped in the processes of currying out such tasks.

Aims of the Research

Disneyland Hong Kong is hereby looking for a way of improving the companys competitiveness. By so doing, this activity will help in providing solutions that would enable Disneyland Hong Kong identify factors that would influence motivation of workers. The identified factors will also help the company identify the manner in which it would instill a sense of belonging on the workers as well as enhance job satisfaction. The overall result is to ensure maximum productivity and thus lead to high profits.

Research Question

What factors influence the motivation of employees in Disneyland Hong Kong?

Research ObjectiveThis activity will therefore identify the factors that influence employees at the workplace. The identified responses will then be used to ensure the increment of company profit and employee motivation. The research activity will further identify the manner in which motivation of employees would lead to increased profits. The objectives of this activity include:

To analyze the crucial factors influencing the level of employee satisfaction and motivation

To establish the correlation between worker performance and motiva...

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