Essay on Major Ethical Issue in the News Today: Workplace Sexual Harassment

Published: 2021-08-16
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Sexual harassment occurs when one continuously offers uncalled for sexual advances, often asks for sexual favors or another form of physical or verbal conduct that are sexually oriented (Einarsen, Hoel, Zapf, Cooper, 2010). In the workplace, sexual harassment occurs in situations where employment decision is reached upon one's rejection or acceptance any kind of unwelcome favors or the case where any unwanted sexual gestures affect one's performance at the workplace. It is also unlawful to get any form motivational rewards such as promotions or bonuses in return for sexual favors. There are various forms of sexual harassments such as offering suggestive sexual gifts, gestures proposing sexual behaviors, sexual mocks on someone, placing images which are sexually suggestive in the workplace or even requesting for timeouts with someone during their off time. The victims may be of either gender while their harasser may either be of the same or opposite. They may also be their bosses, fellow work mates, supervisor or a partner of the business.

Victims of sexual harassment report their grievances and complaints to institutions such as The Civil Rights Office. This organization holds the mandate of conducting a thorough investigation on the matter in an unbiased manner. They give way forward to be followed during the inquiry and also how to deal with related cases that may happen in the future. This law provides the employee with the mandate to write to their harasser to stop their offensive actions.

Reporting the cases. The victims report the matter to their team leaders or other officials in the organization who are appointed to handle the incidences who in turns informs the civil right office. However, if the officials fail to report the case to the case, they will have violated the principle guidelines, and they should face the consequences. Workplace relationship should not be prohibited. Instead, there should be rules and regulations which strictly outline the duties of each staff clearly and also enlightens on the advantages and disadvantages of having a romantic relationship with their fellow workers. Moreover, the relationship can have positive or adverse effects on the overall performance of the firm. Ease communication and cooperation thus enhancing teamwork, conflict resolutions becomes fast and easy as a couple seems to reach an agreement faster are some of the benefits to the organization.

Many men in America have been fired after their victims have stood out to expose them publically. Most recently, Justin Huff who was a casting director lost his job after actors reported incidences where the director sexually harassed them. Louis C. K in another incident was accused of sexually harassing his fellow actress where he would send them suggestive photos of him masturbating and requesting them to join him. This led to his downfall, and it's only then he realized the effect of his actions. R. Kelly who was an R &B singer was accused of sexual harassment with a minor. The victim married the victim at the age of 16 years thou she claimed to be 18.

There several measures which organizational leaders can adapt to avoid cases of sexual harassment at their workplace. Adopting a well-outlined policy on sexual harassment, conducting trains for the employees, managers, and supervisors on their right to a free sexual harassment environment to the employees. Train the officials on handling cases reported to them by their junior employees. Finally, have comprehensible procedures where can yield results faster and in an efficient manner.

America and the world at large should take employees sexual harassment cases with great concern as most of the reported cases have illustrated. The government should set up new rules and regulations and ensure there followed by the letter. They should also ensure that the employees are aware of their right and the right channel to follow when in such situation.


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