Essay on Laws to Curb Violence in Nursing

Published: 2021-07-05
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The employees who work in hospitals or a place which have a healthcare setting face various risks which are associated with violence that is encountered in the workplace (Braverman, 2013). According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the Californias AB172 tend to describe violence at the workplace as acts which include physical assault to the nurses or even threats towards them that could lead to them being assaulted despite not causing any physical injury (Pinkos, 2017).

The California AB 172, lays down the law that an assault that is committed against a nurse who is in the line of duty of providing an emergency outside the health Centre. Such an act will be punishable by imprisonment in the County Jail which does not exceed a period of one year or a fine of not more than $2,000, or the person may also face both the fine and the imprisonment. The bill under California's AB172 authorizes a health facility that runs an emergency department to give notice about an assault that is committed against a nurse or stuff. Such an act will lead to a criminal conviction of the person involved. This helps reduce the violence that is committed to the nurses as people will fear to be convicted once they act against the law (Naylor, 2015).

A health organization is required by the law to comply with the federal requirements for it to be in operation. An employer is required to ensure that the nurses are operating in an environment that does not subject them to any injury or even cause death to them. The nurses should be provided with protective gears while they are working such as gloves. This is according to section 5(a) (1) of the OSHA Act. According to the OSHA Act section 11(c), it states that employees should be protected and given their various rights and the employees are further given the right where they can file complaints against their health Centre which is under the OSHA act with both the state as well as the Federal requirements ("OSHA considers workplace violence standard for healthcare industry," n.d.).

So as to prevent violence of the nurses in their place of work the healthcare organization is required by the law to be accredited by an independent accreditation body such as the Joint Commission body which helps in the promotion of the safety of the workers. It has building blocks which work towards the reduction of the violence. It empowers the nurses to be able to report any incidence that subjects them to abuse without fear this is included in the standard law LD.O4.04.05.Through this reporting, the violence is eliminated because it enables the healthcare organization to be able to analyze the incidents and embark on strategies that help in the reduction of the risk. According to the Standard EM.02.02.05, EP 3 helps in the preparation of emergencies such as readily ambulatory care and also long term care.


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