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In the present society, the Kardashian name is generally associated with the celebrity lifestyle of Kim Kardashian and her siblings. This celebrity lifestyle can also be traced back to Kims father and a celebrity lawyer, Robert Kardashian, who represented the American football superstar O.J Simpson in his controversial murder case. However, although the family lives in America, they are not from America. The family has its roots in Armenia as evidenced by their family name, Kardashian which is strictly Armenian. Kims paternal great grandparents and grandparents were all from Armenian descent as well as her father, Robert, who was a third-generation Armenian and the first-generation Armenian-American as he was the first of the Kardashians to be born in America.

The Kardashian family can be traced as far back as the late nineteenth century when the Kardaschoffs, as known then in the Russian style, fled from their home village of Karakale to the German ports from where they traveled to America to start a new life. By fleeing to America, the Kardashian family managed to escape the horrors of the first world war and the Armenian genocide of 1915. Among those who fled Armenia, which was at the time under the rule of Nicholas II, the last Russian Tsar, was Kims great-grandfather and the family patriarch, Hovhannes Miroyan. He had married Kims great-grandmother, Luciag Chorbajian in Erzurum, which is present day Turkey before they escaped with their daughter, Vartanoosh Mironyan. Vartanoosh daughter, Haigoohi Arakelian, who was also known as Hellen, was Kims grandmother. She married into the Kardashian clan by marrying Arthur Kardashian who owned the largest meat packing business in California. The two later had a son, Robert Kardashian, Kims father and a celebrity lawyer, who later married Kris Houghton, the parents to the twenty-first centurys biggest reality stars, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Robert Jr (Stewart, 2015).

Arthur Kardashians parents and grandparents also fled from the village of Karakale, a present day Muslim outpost in eastern Turkey. However, they did so much later than the rest of the community living there. The early Kardashian were also religious rebels that opposed the orthodox faith in their homeland at the time. Due to their rebellion, they had earlier fled from a deeper part of Armenia as they were being harassed by villagers because of their beliefs. Consequently, they fled to Karakale. Their departure from Karakale was, according to legend, as a result of an 11-year-old child who prophesied a great war that would devastate Armenians and their homeland. The prophecy advised that Armenians should cross the Atlantic Ocean to America and once there they should trek further to the west coast (Stewart, 2015).

As a result of this prophecy, most of the Armenians in Karakale sold their homes and land while others simply abandoned them in order to escape the impending doom. As such, it is also because of this prophecy that the Kardashian ancestors traveled to Los Angeles, a city which proved prosperous for the clan and helped make their name. However, Karakale is in the vicinity of Mount Ararat, the supposed resting place of Noahs ark. Because of this fact, some Armenians felt it was a safe place thus dismissed the prophecy and chose to remain. Unfortunately, all those that remained later paid with their lives (Stewart, 2015).

Arthur Kardashians parents and grandparents were among the majority of Armenians in Karakale that heed the prophecy and traveled across the Atlantic Ocean. Records show that Kims great-grandfather, Tatos Thomas Kardashian was born in the village of Karakale. Tatos or Tom as he was typically known, at the age of seventeen heeded that prophecy and boarded the SS Koln from Germany to Boston. It is on this journey that he met a fellow immigrant, Hamas Shakarian, whom he later married and moved to Los Angeles to open a garbage collection business. Hamas was Kims great-grandmother and the mother to Kims grandfather, Arthur Kardashian. A few weeks earlier before Tom had boarded a ship to America, his parents, Saghatel Sam Kardashian and Hrepsema Horom Yuzbashian had traveled also made the trip from Germany to Philadelphia (Stewart, 2015).

A Structure Personality of The Family

From their constant presence on all media avenues, it is apparent that the member of the Kardashian family each have their own unique personalities. These personalities especially those of the Kardashian children can be traced back to the childhood and have been developed further from their interactions with the public. First off, it is clear that Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Rob are all emotionally unstable. This emotional instability can be attributed to their parents divorce earlier on in the lives which had immediate and lasting effects. Kim does not show the effects of the divorce outwardly, rather prefers to keep them to herself to deal with them on her own. It can also be evidenced by her long history of unsatisfactory relationships and her need to present a perfect picture of her relationships in the public. on the other hand, Khloes psychological issues present in that she thinks that marriage should be forever. This is evident in her inability to let go of her ex-husband. However, it is due to this personality trait that she has a disastrous love life. Similarly, Kourtneys traits are like those of her sister Khloe in that she also had a troubled relationship with her present ex-boyfriend. In the case of their brother, Rob, because of the narcissistic behaviors of their mother, he turned to food and drugs as a solution to his problems. However, this only led to his self-esteem issues brought about by his being overweight.

Overview Summary-Conclusion

In conclusion, the Kardashian family, although from a humble and challenging background, is a now a big family with numerous issues. As a result of their celebrity father, the present Kardashians grew up in the public eye and as a result of most of this early exposure, the family members are stuck in the developmental stage of growth. Although they may have experienced some traumatic events in their childhood as well as their adult lives, they have not had the time or the privacy to seek professional help and as a result, most have developed personality disorders. Their present constant exposure to the society has also played a part in reinforcing this disorders as the Kardashians in a bid to remain relevant do not see the need to change their present way of life; they still value outward appearance and public perception above everything else. As a psychologist, the best way to counsel and treat the Kardashians would be to determine the root cause that drives their behavior. thus, by utilizing the psychodynamic theory to analyze past relationships and experiences, the psychologist can relate the past with the current life thus facilitating the healing process (Counseling Staff, 2015).


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