Essay on Innovation and Change in Russian Healthcare System

Published: 2021-07-07
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In Russia, innovation has not been only disruptive in the business sectors but also in the health sectors, the iBinom in one of the latest innovation by a startup company that has helped the healthcare sector improve healthcare delivery. The cloud-based service was developed to enable the geneticists and clinical researchers faster analyze genome information for all forms of inherited disease diagnostics as it takes less than three hours. While the technology is in its infancy, it is clear the technology would serve the undeserved market segment that cannot afford the expensive medical diagnostics required for genome analysis. The technology would not bring the costs of genome analysis down significantly, but would provide a cheaper alternative and would be available for the mass market (Chang, 2011). The healthcare sector is the most unattractive market for most startups because of government regulations but the group of entrepreneurs seems to have taken then social change approach where they aims to serve many people at minimum profit to gain competitive advantage.

The iBinom is a market-creating service innovation that the medical professionals can analyze genome data and reveal mutation across thousands of nucleotides. The innovation is relatively faster, accurate and easy to use. The fact that medical professionals can access the technology online makes it more convenient for medical professionals and individuals with adequate background knowledge to analyze the genome data ad analyze any of the inherited diseases. The technology is cloud based making it highly available round the clock and secure from disaster. The technology is also accessible from all location worldwide but the servers are in Russia. The innovation is easy to access with patient centric outlay the enable users to upload and analyze files from any location worldwide

The catalytic innovation promises not only efficiency to medical professionals but also high revenue to the entrepreneurs (Christensen, et al, 2006). The filtration systems would is cloud based to increase availability, accessibility, currency and scalability. Gene and gene variants can be filtered by genes name, or gene coordinates that the users can search diseases databases to get accurate variant information irrespective of the effects, zygosity, variant type, pathogenicity or conservation scores


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