Essay on Impact of Media Technology on Society, Culture and Politics

Published: 2021-07-19
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The internet has provided many people with the power to capture, produce, and distribute text images as well as videos. However, it is becoming an integral part of the daily activities of people and is continuing to transform their lives in they way they communicate and relate to one another. This highly attributes to the moral responsibility in the society; thus, if misused by its users it can lead to child porn, sexting, hate speech, forgery, fraud, and copyright among others hence destroying the society morality. The government should come up with laws that ensures that the under age and the venerable are highly protected from such elements.

According to Adrienne Shaw in his book, Stuart Hall and interactive media technologies,' the society could use the theory of Encoding and Decoding model to better account for fro certain types of communication promoted by the media can be encouraged or discouraged by the new technologies. The system affects both the political aspect and how the society perceives the media. In that light, people should understand how the model affects their lives regarding the introduction of the new technology. For a fact, the media technology has a great influence on how the political side makes a decision. Through understanding the concept of Encoding and Decoding; it will make it easier for people to emulate such technologies in their daily lives. Considering the major developments that have recently been experienced in technology and the continuing growth of social media and journal reports, it is clear that a big idea is on the way, and it is important for people to comprehend the science of social media and its operation or functions, so that we can be in a position of improving the mental health of states further. Such ideas would require that individuals have a good understanding of the science of human character as well as the technological capability. Various present studies that have been described show just the way this has the potential of bringing about advancements in the research and society.

Shaw explains that people need to understand the type of media that would portray the best interaction mechanism. As much as it is important to interact, people should also consider the affordability of the media technology. Some media technologies are taking advantage of other by increasing the cost yet they offer the same services like others. The problem does not lay with the media station but by the society that uses them. Based on that, the Encoding and Decoding mode will help the society understand the mechanism that such media technologies have on people. The author has used the example of how video games operate and how it resembles the lives of the people regarding the use of technology. The society can be controlled by the use of media technology. In fact, the political areas majorly use the media to control the society. The people could also take advantage by understanding the concept of Decoding and Encoding to engage with the politicians.

In her book, Digital stress: Adolescents personal accounts' Emily C Weinstein analyzed tow stressor that is caused by digital technologies. The author explains that many of the adolescents are stressed with a matter relating to seeking connection due to technology. With the introduction of technology, the world has become a smaller village. As such, people could connect from different parts of the world. The moment that such youths fill that they are not getting as much approval as they expect, they will be stressed. The author gives a detailed examples of the adolescents who have not be able to recover from such measures., it is important for the people to connect for interaction. However, they need to be very keen so as not to fall a victim of being stressed by the new technologies.

Cyber bullying is another concept that the author explains regarding media technology. Adolescents tend to face that aspect of what recognition. Such actions could be experienced from bullying others online. Many youths have lost their lives due to cyber bullying. Based on that, the society needs to be enlightened on the various issues relating to cyber-attacks. Through the use of media technologies, people could connect and even increase the learning experiences. One example that the author has used regarding how media can result in stress is when a boyfriend see his girl texting another person. The boy can get jealous without even understanding the concepts of those texts. In the long run, the boy would end up being stressed which can cause other complications.

Katherine Hayles in his book, "Hyper and Deep Attention: The Generational Divide in Cognitive Modes' explains how the society needs to understand the history of media technology and how it has evolved over the years. People need to understand such measures to examine how they could change the system to benefit from it even more. It is clear that the youths have both negative and positive aspect since the introductions of media technology. Based on that, it is important for the researcher to analyze how media technology could be changed in the future to cater for the needs of everyone in the society.

In Radicalization and the Use of Social Media Robin L. Thompson, has explained how the society has benefited from the interdiction of social media. In fact, it has created huge platforms in which millions of people could engage. The society as well as the political field have benefited from the use of social media. In fact, the government has used the social media to engage directly with the people on various occasions. The use of social media has a great influence in radicalization on the lives of the people in the society.

People should understand how the social media platform can be used to benefit the society. In certain incidence, the terrorist has used such platforms to communicate with each other on how there will carry out their operations. With the use of the internet, it is difficult for that local authorizes to monitor how such groups communicate.

The author has majored on how the social media has impacted the society negatively. Many people are delighted on how social media has benefited the society by creating a huge platform for the people. However, it is important for the society to also consider to how they will deal with the negative aspects brought about by social media. Technology still stands as the biggest development of the past century and its faster advancement is even further stunning. If people actually understand the things that technology can do, and the way it is used by the society, then they can embrace it to deal with some kinds of mental health issues, and actually enhance the process of bringing activities that are evidence-based into practice.

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