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Published: 2021-06-29 02:16:21
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The way people live today is mostly different from how people lived sixty years ago. The modern technology makes life easier, and most households have amenities they need for a comfortable life. The current life runs at a frantic pace. When it comes to family and work, one is left with little Time to do the things they love because they spend the most time on household chores. I thank the modern technology for improving our lives in various ways. Home appliances are the homemakers today because of the functions like heating, cleaning, cooling, mixing, blowing and many others they perform.

When I was young, our kitchen had just an icebox, a wooden stove, space heaters, and a fireplace in our living room. We also had a washing machine that could slosh clothes in a rotating drum, and my mother had a washing board where she would first scrub the clothes before putting them in the washing machine because she didnt trust its performance. When baking cakes, she used a sturdy wooden spoon to mix the ingredients in a bowl.

Today housework is easier since appliances are ranging from cooking to those that do the cleaning that simplifies life. Our kitchen is the best place to be. It has a range of electric controls, an oven, microwave, a toaster oven, dishwashers, several mixers, sturdy disposal and a refrigerator freezer. Our utility room holds a brainy clothes washer, vacuum cleaner, a fridge and a smart dryer. There is a fridge freezer in the basement for heating, air conditioning and dehumidifying. The household appliance is more than just the under the hood electronics.

The new and improved home appliances enable the designs of efficiency and convenience. Home appliance engineers have brought innovations. The functionality of the machines continues to improve in that cooking food is now days is eight times faster and cooking is to perfection than the conventional oven used in the past. Today, the washers and dryers communicate, talk to each other. The dryer knows when its turn is on the way thus improving the clothes care as well as saving time. The heat pump technological innovations make dry cleaners more efficient as one can dry their clothes whenever they feel like at a reduced cost.

In the past, my mother used to have busy evenings with the cooking and other household duties, and by the time everything was set, she would be so tired couldnt even have time for me as compared to today. A dishwasher keeps the kitchen free from clutter and the washing up hassle. The modern dishwashers ensure energy efficiency and that there no second rinsing dishes. Ovens make the kitchen life easier and give various tastes to the meals as well as helping us prepare fancy and new meals with less effort.

The new microwave is no longer used to reheat meals but can prepare the meals on behalf of a person. The electric stand mixers make work easier in the kitchen. The kitchen aid electric stand mixer has brought change in the baking world. The mixers do tasks ranging from frosting to mashing potatoes. The dough hooks and flat beaters, balloon whisks and other accessories in the mixers save time and human energy. The refrigerator keeps the food fresh and hygienic, and the air conditioner gives the room a calm and a very comfortable atmosphere.

In the 21st century, people are busy than ever before, men and women are in the struggle to make a living through earning hence work are done by the house helps and paying servants is expensive. Thus, fast machines are useful in their work. The use of the household appliances makes life easy and more comfortable. The modern home appliances have made it possible for me to spend all the precious time with my mother and her life too is better because she can spend more time reading books and on physical training.


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