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Published: 2021-06-29
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The world has witnessed a series of changing trends in the social, political, economic and environmental arena. Technological advancement has been at the center of the current developments which has resulted in innovations in all spheres of life. The entertainment industry, in particular, the hotel section, has not been left behind in this growth and has achieved tremendous improvement in building designs and services offered. To understand the changing trends in the accommodation industry, this essay will focus on a tourist resort in 50 years to the future. This will be a beach resort located at the Enderts Beach, in California State. It has a string of floating units which can move from one destination to another depending on the wants and preferences of the guests. The resort has an accommodation capacity of 1500 people in a single sitting.

The main building that has the rooms extends from the shore. The movable units are anchored on the main building and the shore. The resort is built with materials that ensure buoyancy throughout while preventing any chances of water getting into the building. The building materials used are expanded polystyrene, and concrete pontoon floats specifically for maintaining buoyancy. The pontoon concrete is economical as it is inexpensive and its lightness prevents sinking. It has internal cable ducts for water and electricity, and it is rust-proof. The concrete float ends up floating because it is a bowl filled with a void and ends up displacing water.

The social, political, economic and ecological conditions of the year 2050 will be much different from the current ones. Socially, the demographics will have changed in the United States, with projections showing a possible increase in population, (Vincent and Velkoff, 2010). According to author Joel Kotkin, the population in America will grow up to approximately 438 million. This growth will be as a result of immigration and increased longevity of the people. Kotkin argues that by 2050, 20% of the population will be over 65 years of age, the labor force will make up 42%, and the millennial generation will constitute an overwhelming majority. This increase will mean an increased need for recreational facilities and our resort will be the perfect solution to this need.

Due to immigration, the population of 2050 will be most diverse, (Vincent and Velkoff, 2010). This will be caused by interracial marriages which will grow in number over time, and the changing perception of racial discrimination. The younger generation of today portrays a positive growth in their view of different races. Interactions between whites and the other races are slowly shifting, and there is a sense of acceptance and fair treatment for all. These points to a more open-minded generation in future that embraces diversity in all aspects. As such, the social structure of 2050 will consist of fewer social demarcations and a stronger sense of togetherness.

There will also be a shift in the residential preferences of the population. People will tend to migrate from major cities to smaller cities and towns. The suburbs of 2050 will have vibrant towns inhabited by the diverse population. Additionally, the millennial population will be family oriented and would want to live in houses that are near their work places. Projections show that many of the people will work from home more than any time before. The aspect of togetherness and family bonds will be an advantage to our holiday resort as guests will come for holiday or family recreation as a group and this will mean growth on our business.

The politics of America will evolve as well. In the current politics, the Republican and Democratic Parties are cut along ethnic and racial lines. The minority population of Asian-American and Black-Americans lean more on the Democratic Party, while the majority of Republicans are American whites. In the same light, most of the minority population is not inclined on any of the two parties. This means that the future politics of America can shift to any side. With the projected increased diversity of 2050, there is a likelihood of more political participation from the people. Additionally, America has witnessed a reasonably stable political system throughout its history. This trend is likely to continue into the end of the millennium. Political stability creates a conducive environment for business. Our resort will, therefore, enjoy a peaceful business with our clients.

In 2050, America will be at position two in the economic classification having been succeeded by China, according to Goldman Sachs. This has been caused by the continued struggle in the American economy. As Americas debts continue to pile up, China is experiencing a rapid rise in its economy. This explains the situation in 2050, (Foure, Benassy-Quere and Fontagne, 2010). There is also an increasing number of foreign students who have taken advantage of the excellent education system in America. Unfortunately, the skills gained are not utilized in growing the US economy, but instead, they bring them to their home countries. However, with the demographic growth in the American population, there will be enough labor force that will work towards stabilizing the economy and eventually growing it. In a bid to rise to the situation and to contribute to the building of our economy, the resort center will conduct intensive marketing throughout the globe to attract both local and international tourists. Through this, it will be increasing the government revenue through taxes and the wealth brought in by the foreign tourists.

The environmental condition of 2050 is projected to be worse than that of today. With the rise in demography, there will be a strain on the natural resources. With most of the population using fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas, global warming will be on the rise with a possible rise of up to 6 degrees Celsius, (Lioubimtseva, and Henebry, 2009). Increased energy consumption will directly result in a 70% increase in emissions of energy-oriented carbon dioxide. Use of nuclear energy together with biofuels and renewable energy sources are predicted to increase steadily. Air pollution, contamination of water and lack of proper sanitation will be a challenge, with an approximate 40% of the global population living in water-stressed areas. Pollution of water sources will result to depletion of aquatic diversity.

To overcome the problem of ecological degradation, environmental management systems will be put in place. For instance, to control the situation of carbon dioxide emissions, the hotel will use bio-energy with carbon capture and storage which is a low-cost advanced technology. This will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide gas being released into the atmosphere by between 50 and 150ppm. The resort management will also put in place a system of proper disposal of wastes. Since the resorts location will be surrounded by water, aquatic biodiversity needs to be preserved. The wastes will be disposed in well covered bins and discarded in an environmentally friendly manner. The chemicals that would be used, for instance in cleaning, will go through a treatment process before they are channeled to underground holes dug for this purpose. To overcome the challenge of water, the hotel will impose a recycling process that will ensure that water is utilized to the maximum. Water-saving devices such as tanks, both surface and underground will be installed to ensure proper storage as well as water harvesting when it rains.

The scramble for energy resources and the use of fossil fuels will be minimized through the use of renewable energy sources such as solar panels. The management will put in place many solar panels and other energy generating devices that will be able to store energy for months before they recharge again. To save on the oil reserves, the management will organize programs aimed at increasing awareness on the need to travel less to reduce consumption. The management will also offer transport services to its customers using jets and buses that move faster in a speed that reduces the normal travel time. This will save on fuel consumption. The awareness campaign will also be embraced by the population of the time will be a unified one.

To remain relevant in the socio-political and economic conditions of 2050, the resort will have to make responses that meet the need of the future client who will have a new set of desires. The center will need to capitalize on providing services that are best desired and are hard to find from other competitors. Building on the cultural diversity of the population, our resort centre will capitalize on providing a variety of delicacies that reflect the diversity of the people. Our services will utilize the technological advancement of the day. To make the process of checking in easier, we will install automated check points and high-speed laser molecular scanners which will security check the guests luggage in seconds as they walk past into the hotel. iPads will be used to control lights, sounds, and other room services. Our bedrooms will incorporate pillows with sleep-aiding massage technology and holographic wall system that will allow communication with other people of interest to the guests in 3D dimension.

The resort centre will acquire its labor force from the diverse population. Selection will be based on merit from the most experienced individuals. This will be to ensure the provision of quality services surpassing those of the competitors. Since most people are associated with close family links and prefer working from home, technology will allow some staff members whose physical appearance is not necessarily required at the work place, to partly work from their homes. They will be provided with iPads from which they can run their operations from home, and the management can easily track them. This technology will ensure efficient running of operations and will be a great motivator to the workforce.

In conclusion, the next fifty years will be marked with unimaginable technological, economical, political, social and environmental changes. In 2050, nothing that is in the current world will remain the same. Technological advancement will be at the core of every aspect of peoples lives starting with the introduction of devices such as biometric face recognition software that, automated security checks, high-speed laser molecular scanners, and machine-readable passports. There will be a possibility of underwater buildings, and more floating homes and structures. Additionally, the hotel and accommodation industry will have improved customer services such as holographic communications, sleep-inducing massage pillows, sound showers as well as the iPad controlled lighting, sound and room services. Demographic changes will be witnessed with a more diverse generation coming into existence as a result of increased immigration and longevity in life expectancy,(Vincent and Velkoff, 2010). People will move from major cities to occupy the smaller towns and the vibrant suburbs. Additionally, there will be reduced movement as most people will prefer working close to their homes with a large number working from the comfort of their homes. Politically, predictions indicate a more balanced political era due to the increased diversity. Political stability is likely to be more than it is today. The environmental predictions in 2050 are scary with degradation and scramble for the scarce resources such as water and energy sources being reported (Lioubimtseva, and Henebry, 2009). There will be increased levels of carbon dioxide emission in the...

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