Essay on History of Architecture and Interior Design

Published: 2021-08-16
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Architecture and interior design have ever been evolving from the past. For that matter, an integrated account offers surveys of interiors, decorative arts, furniture and graphic designs. Architecture and interior design have ever employed ethics and moral practices in both modern office interior designs, landscape architecture, discipline and profession architecture and contemporary office. On the other hand, interior design is a multifaceted discipline that tends to involve conceptual development and execution of plans. This essay aims at analyzing the definition of humanism, mathematical approach to design, Leon Battista Alberti, Andrea Palladio, Ogee arches and Filippo Brunelleschi which are related to architecture and interior design.


Denotes the Vitruvius writings that are influenced by the Renaissance definition of the beauty of architecture. It is mostly characterized by mathematical proportion, harmonious forms, and human scale.

The diagram above shows architectures employing the skills as outlined by the aspect of architectural humanism to make a perfect and well-calculated structure.

Similarly, this image shows the Santa Maria del Fiore renaissance with a perfect application of mathematical notations that display the perfection that has always prevailed in architecture.

Leon Battista Alberti

Historically, Leon Battista Alberti art architecture has always been present since 1404. The concepts of Alberti have still displayed perfection in humanist renaissance and art theories. It is believed that Alberti shared the knowledge of Brunelleschi concerning the Roman architecture which was also inspired by Vitruvius who was the only Roman architectural theorist. Alberti is the maker of the Roman Temple fronts which was a way of creating meanings.

This is the structure designed by Leon Battista Alberti with Italian meanings.

Each building was designed to communicate a given message right away from the entrance.

Ogee Arches

Ogee is defined as a decorative line that is formed when two curves are connected. The lower curve is usually convex or curved outwards while the upper curve is concave and bowed inwards. Ogee arch is the most beautiful lines and uses two edges to form an arc. An example of the application of ogee arch is in the church of Barcelona.

This is a building in Barcelona displaying the Ogee Arch.

Ogee arch is mostly used in decoration and another ornamental character. The current application of Ogee arch in architecture is as shown in the figure below.

Filippo Brunelleschi

Architecture that involves Filippo Brunelleschis approaches tends to employ the use of sculptures in decorating and constructing structures. Brunelleschi aimed at improving and re-creating the ancient classical culture that is occasioned in sculptures, paintings, and composition of ancient statutory forms of ornaments.

Filippo Brunelleschis work of art.

Filippo Brunelleschis architecture is mostly applicable to the construction of Roman Catholic churches that involve the use of sculptures of the saints and Mary the mother of Jesus.

Andrea Palladio

Andrea Palladios architecture and interior design mostly involve the use and application of Villa Godi designs that revealed the very minimal influence of the ancient structure. It required the use of clean cubical masses. When Palladio visited Rome, he later started to construct superimposed arcaded loggias that were around Palazzo Della region.


This image shows the application of Palladios forms of designs and architectural structures. The building is known as Villa Americo Capro detta.

This is an Italian Palladios work of architecture.

Michelozzo di Bartolommeo

It refers to a Florentine architect and official sculptor a contemporary of Brunelleschi. The title is used to define the series of architectural funerary monuments and construction of domes. He also remodeled Trebbio and building of the lantern on the great dome.

This one of the best Michelozzos designs and architectural plans that apply to the modern architecture and design.

The architecture was part of mathematics, and the two disciplines cannot be distinguished as per history. Architects in the ancient years were mathematicians consulted in the designing structures like temples, pyramids, ziggurats. For instance, when emperor Justin of Byzantine wanted to construct the Hagia Sophia, he turned to Isidoros and Anthemios, two mathematics professors to aid in designing the building.

Ancient world pyramids.

The Hagia Sophia Artech


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