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Published: 2021-08-15
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Adolescence is a transitional stage of development which takes place at the age of puberty. The event is psychological and physical. Adolescence stage is a period where an individual gets to discover how to manage their emotions. However, many societies regard this scene as a transition from childhood to adulthood. Adolescence begins at the age of ten to twenty-one. In this stage, one encounters the maturation of many organs of the body including the brain. As a result of this, it, therefore, stimulates cognitive development (Ont, 1993). Pituitary glands play a prominent role in adapting to the prevailing environment which adolescents preoccupy.

In the growth and development of many organs of the body, adolescents also become sexually active. Sexual maturity makes these individuals identify their mates and try to carry out adult roles. Biological aspects are fostered at this stage. For example, adolescents become fertile. As a result, many cases of pregnancies during this phase are experienced. One of the resources concerned with adolescent pregnancy is the communitywide initiative partners. It has played a significant role in prevention and general public education on the risks of early pregnancies. On the same note, it did give some training to those who worked I hand in hand with peer counseling.

Consequently, adolescence pregnancies have a lot of risks. Significantly, due to the fear in sharing with their fellows on the state which they are in, they will hide and avoid coming out to seek medical attention. These pregnancies can negatively have an impact on the teen's future (Coleman, 1998). On this, when one becomes pregnant she is likely to drop out of school. It comes from the fear of victimization or attending to their constant needs. A resultant to this, in the long run, an end to be poverty. Most of the adolescent pregnancies are unplanned.

Adolescents who are pregnant are often with the complication of high blood pressure. The pressure exerted in the arteries of the individual is more than what the teen can accommodate resulting in the above condition. It is dangerous to the baby and the mother and in extreme situations can result in preterm birth. Precisely, teen pregnancies can lead to giving birth to babies with underweight. Underweight children have high chances of getting heart, lungs and health problems.

Premature birth is another problem which teen pregnancy face. However, when a mother delivers before the right time, the baby's organs might have not fully developed. For instance, the lungs, kidneys, heart, and brain might have not fully matured. Babies who are prematurely delivered face a hard time to fully adapt to the external environment which might need medical observation that is also expensive to these adolescents. Most of the babies offered prematurely lose their lives. Anemia is common in adolescents who deliver. Adolescents avoid taking proper diet like iron which if they bring much attention to they fear that their state will be discovered. After performing, they lose a lot of blood which is not replaced making the baby also to suffer. Anemia at times is resultant to many premature births.

Due to the victimization which these teens undergo through, they get postpartum depression. It comes after the teen gives birth. The teen pregnant mothers at experience a stage where the hormones are going through a series of changes which is difficult for them to handle emotions. As a result, they find it difficult to accommodate the environmental forces during their pregnancy in the long run also affecting the baby. Mental health from teen mothers may even include in taking an extended period in bonding with their babies. The body inline might not be in good condition to handle the changes which have occurred to the teen mother. (Tyano, 2010). As a result, the mother might end up being so much fatigued which will limit her from doing other tasks.

Poor nutrition is also a health challenge to teen pregnancies. For instance, the adolescents' body has not fully grown, this, therefore, needs the more proper diet. After becoming pregnant, their bodies now are overloaded with another offspring who also needs medical attention. On the same note, it can result in a condition referred to as anorexia. In conclusion, the adolescents also are at high risk of being infected with sexually transmitted infections. For her to be pregnant, then it means that she must have had unprotected sex which can lead to spread of diseases.

Adolescents of the current society are argued to be different from those of the past decades. For instance, good adolescents in America currently have the pressure of being involved in sexual activities. The estimated population of adolescent pregnancies in America was over 200,000 which has reduced compared to the past ten years. For instance, in 2014, the rate of teen pregnancies decreased by 7.5%. However, this may have resulted in the use of contraceptives which have prevented the chances of becoming pregnant.

A state can implement many policies to control and help curb these adolescence pregnancies. First, they should advise adolescents who are pregnant to seek regular prenatal care in hospitals. On the same case, this can be an opportunity to psychologically prepare the teens for breastfeeding and all the prenatal care. The government can introduce new forums or even publicize the health risks of using drugs when pregnant. It results from the research which states that majority of youths are involved in the taking and abuse of drugs. The community that I took my research from was from the American teens and in Zealand. Besides is the community action Programme.

The community can hold parents responsible for advising their daughters after the accidental pregnancies instead of neglecting them. At this stage, they should bond closely with their teens, make them aware of what they are likely to encounter and how to take precautions. Emotional support will ensure that the adolescents feel loved and help change the state of fear. Also, the community at large should try and implement a policy to advice pregnant adolescents to live with a healthy diet. Expectant teen mothers should be advised to stay physically active by the constant involvement of exercises and body fitness.


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