Essay on Fashion Culture: Septwolves

Published: 2021-06-23
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Septwolves is a fashion label in China. The clothing line started its operations in 1990 at Jinjiang. Currently, the clothing line is based in Xiamen city. Currently, Septwolves has over 3,000 stores in China. The label is one of the most popular clothing lines in China. A wide range of products is offered by the fashion label. Septwolves specialty is in casual modern trends. The brand has successfully made a footing in Chinas fashion industry. The brand is involved in designing of fashion products together with retailing the fashion products. It caters for mens clothing, womens clothing and childrens clothing.

Septwolves sells mens wallets. Septwolves wallets are not only popular in China; they are also popular in international markets. The wallets have two note compartments and up to six card slots. The wallets are perfect for a man who wants to display his economic strength. The wallets are made up of leather and have a polyester lining. The wallets are a favorite to many Chinese men.

Septwolves sells mens underwear. The underwear is said to be highly resilient and durable. The underwear is highly comfortable and at no point is drape compromised. The underwear is made from fine and soft fiber that easily caresses on the skin of the wearer. The soft and fine fiber from which the underwear is made easily caresses the skin of wearers. The male underwear comes in different shapes, designs, and sizes. Different types of fabric are used in making the underwear. There is underwear that is made from cotton; others are made from polyester and others are made from nylon.

Septwolves sells mens belts. The belts have an automatic buckle and locking mechanism. Based on the fact that the belts have an automatic locking mechanism, it is easy to adjust the belt to any size that one pleases. Courtesy of the automatic locking mechanism, the need to pop holes in the leather belts is avoided. A customer does not have to worry whether he gains or losses weight given that the automatic locking mechanism can easily be adjusted to fit the size of the customer.

The fashion label also sells weekend wear for men. The weekend wear is known as SWClub, and it is developed by Prospace. Septwolvess weekend wear is meant to allow customers to feel comfortable and relaxed. The weekend wear is also meant to enhance warmth and comfort. SWClub products have warm, natural and dark colors. The weekend wear is made up of natural materials as well as timeless furnishings. SWClub products have stunning features that make use of joinery details of American origin.

Septwolves sells mens handbags. The handbags can be either put on a shoulder or an arm. The bags are made from leather. The bags have soft hand parts and zippers. The bags have internal structures that include a pouch compartment with a zipper. In the soft compartment with a zipper, a person can insert a cell phone. The bags come in many colors. There are bags that are brown in color, and there are bags that are black in color. The bags come in different sizes. The bags are popular among men from different age groups. The bags are popular among teenagers, college students, and middle-aged men.

Septwolves sells ladies handbags. The handbags target different demographics, from individuals who are between ages of 15-25, ladies who are between ages of 25-50 and women who are fifty years of age and above.


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