Essay on Ethics in a Profession

Published: 2021-07-14
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Every profession needs to have some ethical guidelines that guide the people in that profession. People are expected to behave in certain ways so as to avoid conflict of interest while carrying out their duties (Fink 1). Ethics is used as a guide that helps the employees in making decisions and deciding what is good and what is wrong. There might arise a moral dilemma, and this is where the ethical principles come into play. When Dr. Ann Pou was charged with the deaths of four patients during the Katrina floods, she claimed she was conducting her duty. According to Dr. Pou, she was helping the patients get out of misery.

A professional ethical conduct establishes a baseline that ensures employees conduct themselves with fairness and integrity. It also ensures the workers are respectful and they observe common decency while interacting with the patients (Jonsen, et al. 15). When employees have ethics, a trust is established between the clients and the employees. People want to be treated like human beings and not like objects. Professional ethics acts as the glue that joins the community and the business together.

The scandals that have been experienced either in a hospital of the business world can be traced back to an employee who violated the ethical conduct. The standards that have been set for a worker to follow have been well designed to ensure clients get the best treatment they deserve (Jonsen, et al. 25). The other advantage of having ethical standards is that they develop honesty among customer. No individual would want to deal with an organization whose employees do not conduct themselves in an ethical manner. It is therefore critical to ensure that all staff follows the set code of conduct.

All the professions have their art and the science part. Although this phenomenon can be hard to see at a glance, it is possible to see the distinction when we look at a profession at a closer look. The advantages of having a science in a profession are that it allows an individual to have the skills learned in school to perform their duty. A doctor for examples need to have the knowledge of the human body so as to work and operate on a patient. Such kind of skills and knowledge are the science part of the medical profession. Another example is a situation of an accountant who needs to have the tax, accountant in and other business knowledge so as to conduct his or her duty. Such skills can only be learned in schools and are referred to as the science of a professional. On the other hand, all profession have their art side. Art in a profession is not something that is taught in school but rather an inborn phenomenal.

Art involves the personality traits that are found in an individual. A person can be a great doctor, a lawyer or an accountant but the individual cannot have a conversation with people so as to attract clients. The same can be said to a doctor who is great at his or her work but is not a peoples person. Having an art in a profession allows an individual to perform better at his or her work. Since this skill cannot be taught, a person should take steps to ensure that they teach them selfs some artful skills so as to improve the profession that they have.

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