Essay on Employees Motivation Dynamics

Published: 2021-08-09
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Marketing is a core factor in every business success. The marketing process of the company needs to be successful for the company to be termed successful. However, successful marketing requires an analysis of some aspects of interest from the salespersons. In case the workers do not show full commitment to their work, it is essential that the organization management solves various issues earlier. For the case presented, there are numerous instances where some workers complain of harassment, disagree on daily workload, and the minimum time spent in the workplace and open lack of enthusiasms among the workers. This indicates that the marketing process is not heading in the right direction and is at risk of failing in case no action is not taken in time. The purpose of this paper is to address the various concerns within the marketing realm that need to be put into consideration in an attempt to motivate the employees who apparently have no initiative of working and show low morale. It goes further to highlight on the conflict resolution approaches that can be necessary for use in the marketing department; the leadership approaches in creating g good teamwork relationship and how teamwork can be created in the marketing process by the employees who already have little interest participating in the organization activities.

The marketing employees in the company are currently de-motivated and do not feel comfortable serving the organization effectively. There is lack of effective mobilization to enhance the worker's morale at work since a majority are already showing signs of turnover in case no action is taken to create a conducive working environment and enhance their interest in their working environment. Having been assigned to take care of the issue of motivation among the workers, I would pick to involve the whole team in improving their enthusiasm for work. I would organize awards for the team so that they can be motivated as a group and work as a team. Alongside that, I would set an attainable sale target beyond which, more commission would be given. This would motivate the workers at a personal level as they will put in more effort to achieve the sales target to earn them the additional bonuses and more commission. This would help do away with the issue of complaints about the daily workload and the desire to work for a minimum time.

As the leader of the sales team, I would enhance the team performance by avoiding close supervision of the team members. Reducing the level of supervision of the workers would help the team to feel free and do their work without any complaints of harassment at work. The team under my leadership would be built to become a star and make all the team members feel great and great performers at work. The issue of ethnicity would be a handled effectively in my team as they would be surety of equality at work supported by the set policy guidelines. I would set the team to become ambitious through the formulation of personal goals and celebrating any of my achievements with my team members. Authority would be delegated to all team members. I would give them the chance to do what they think is right without necessarily coming to get my permission. However, this will be guided by the set operation policies and the organizations regulations.

Being that my team is composed of people from diverse ethnical groups, there is a sense in which unnecessary conflicts will be eliminated. As the leader, I would create an environment where each member is ready to acknowledge the conflict, understand what impacts it has on the team and be ready to communicate on the ways of resolving the conflict. Once the team is prepared, I would ensure that we discuss the resolution approaches such that all the members agree the step taken. This would be ensured through by incorporating different ideas from the members and putting into considering all of the members in making the final move and do away with the issue of inferiority. After solving the issue, I would guide the team members various ways of avoiding the non-constructive conflicts among themselves. Team members need to understand the negative impacts of losing the client to our work and should aspire to create and maintain a lasting relationship with them. I will also train my team to be selective on the kinds of words applied while engaging with the client regardless of how the client engages with them during a business transaction.

There is a need also, to share goals and visions or effective team performance strategies. I would discuss organizational goals with the team members so that they can align their sales targets with the organization goals. I will assign each of the members a responsibility in the team to ensure competitive working as none would be willing to be viewed as a failure. My team is expected to operate under optimum trust as a way of avoiding conflicts with each other. In case of a conflict in the team, an effective conflict resolution approach will be applied, and this is expected to leave everyone satisfied.

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