Essay on Different Stages of Cognitive and Psychosocial Development

Published: 2021-08-11
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Between birth and when I was one and a half years old I was dependent totally on my mum and the babysitter, this is because in my mind security would only be provided by the two people I often saw and interacted with, in addition, this is the stage in which I would try walking and crawl so as to reach objects that were out of my reach. Notably, without the necessary equipment to aid in my movement, I was able to clutch on different objects to stabilize my movement and eventually get to the object sort after. A year or two later I was able to move independently without any kind of assistance and in most cases trusting became more easier, my mind serves me with the memory of having different clothes on at the same time since I wanted to clothe myself without any assistance from the babysitter. Thinking symbolically and the use of objects or pictures to represent different types of conversations would be associated with this stage.

Through the lens Erik Eriksons initiative versus guilt stage, I am able to relate some critical activities in my developmental stages between the age of three and five years. During this period the primary feature involved my interaction with other children in pre-school, additionally, playing became one of the important activities since it enabled me to realize and determine the interpersonal skills and abilities. Ideally, invention of games during this stage become a common activity. Speaking becomes another notable event as am able to address a few issues as well as express myself in various ways, for instance become guilty of not having done the right thing.

Between the age of five and twelve years, become one of the exciting stages as I learnt how properly pronounce words as well as write, logical expressions and thinking before engaging in certain activities. Accomplishing certain activities that would win approval from my parents as well as the teacher (washing plates after dinner or effectively coloring the drawing books) provided a sense of pride as it boosted my sense of morale and the need to be consistent in obtaining more approvals from the elders. In addition, the teacher played a key role in the development of speech, expression and learning. However, in most cases when accomplishing certain activities become quite difficult I thought it was too demanding and unfair these activities includes solving math problems as well as being forced to become athletic while all I wanted to engage in would be simple math and other activities already known to me, therefore, engaging in other complex activities would be torture.

Finally, in my adolescent stage as is the present, is involved with the sense of self and personal identity and in most cases I have been able to achieve this through the intense exploration of personal values, beliefs and goals. This is a major stage of development as it is the transition from childhood to adulthood. Personal development and success in the career path becomes more evident. The sense of becoming independent and ability to survive without the direct assistance from my parents is notable as in most cases efforts towards accomplishing certain issues are self-realized. In addition, through the lens Piaget this is the formal operational stage, therefore, the ability to morally, socially and ethically think before acting becomes one of the notable events.

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