Essay on Deportation in America Today

Published: 2021-07-29
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Illegal immigrants make into sovereign states on a regular basis. The case is even worse for well-functioning economies and societies like America. There is nothing that has caused stormy public and political debates in America than the issue of immigrants, and what should precisely be done to them (Knopf, 2017). President Donald Trump, who took over form Barrack Obama widely campaigned on the concept controlling illegal immigrants entering the United States, and potentially deporting those who had made it into the country. It was a controversial issue, but the majority of Americans seemed like they were comfortable with the idea. But what exactly leads to illegal immigration, and their subsequent deportation.

The law is clear on deportations, and it particularly singles out those found in the country illegally. Others who even though had made legal entry, are found with criminal culpabilities, or considered a threat to Americas diverse interests including security and public order, may also face immediate deportation back to their country (Bray, 2017). In essence, breaking the law of any form is enough to cause for trigger deportation from the United States. Commission of crimes such as domestic violence, documents fraud, alien smuggling, and drug offenses among others can make one liable for deportation. Other causes for deportation include the change of address with prior notification to the immigration authorities, failure to obey visa laws, and violating immigration laws like participating in a fraudulent marriage. Immigrants can also become liable for deportation if they become a public charge. A public charge is someone who, within the first five years of entry, starts to receive government assistance for causes not affirmatively shown to have arisen since his or her entry into the country. However, the immigration departments retain the legal mandate to interpret laws about deportation, and once notified of any of the violations, they look at the charge sheet and make a decision (Bray, 2017).

However, America today deports a significant number people solely on making illegal entries into the America. There is an ongoing crackdown on illegal immigrants. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a body charged with arresting and deporting illegal immigrants arrested over 13,000 in June this year, a 4,000 plus increase from the last months of Obamas term in office (Gomez, 2017). This is an illustration of how serious the United States takes illegal immigrants, mainly as a threat to Americas security, and economic initiatives. The crackdown is set to continue, and there had been a steady increase of people lined up for deportation.


Immigration laws specify grounds for deportation. However, even though the vast majority of those who fall victims are illegal immigrants, several others, who commit mistakes liable for deportation, get deported on a similar basis. However, nothing is taken so seriously today in America than anything that threatens its sovereign security, and that is the basis of President Trumps firm position of illegal immigrants, whom his government has been cracking down, arresting and deporting them. The situation is likely to continue. However, this does not support the number of people entering America either in search of greener economic pastures or running away from the political crisis in their home countries. It probably is a zero-sum game, where you deport as much as possible, while almost a similar number of new immigrants makes their entry into the country concurrently.


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