Essay on Curricular Changes in Higher Education

Published: 2021-08-02
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The adoption of the American nursing practice by Saudi Arabia was one of the best strategic advancement in the provision of nursing in Saudi Arabia. However, the American nursing practice cannot be compared with the Saudi as the latter is less advanced. In the United States, many colleges offer different nursing courses while at the same time allowing specialization in different areas. I believe that the Saudi nursing practice should be changed in accordance with some of the best practices from the American nursing practice and incorporated into the Saudi nursing practice (Almutairi et al., 2015). The Saudi Arabian culture can be integrated with the American curriculum whereby our culture is considered, and the issues that contradict our culture are erased from the curriculum and replaced with matters that affect us first hand.

One of the first changes is the adaptation of science curriculum. The scientific curriculum will allow students to accomplish nursing requirements in higher level courses, for instance, Clinical Reflective Writing, Crisis, and many others. This is because adopting the USA curriculum that includes HESI shows how nursing education should be for all nursing students.

The third change is the current nursing course. According to Aldossary, While and Barriball (2008), the course would combine the obstetrics and gynecology nursing with pediatric nursing to create a new subject namely, childbearing and child-rearing. Moreover, there is need to ensure that each topic is to be given more credit hours because Saudi Arabia does not have alternative options of specialization as it is in the USA.

Finally, the funds used to prepare for NCLEX-RN should be used to purchase equipment and supplies required in the simulation laboratories and solving financial problems affecting the nursing department. In our Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Council of Healthcare Specialty exam is more important than the NCLEX-RN exam (Alamri, 2011).

Impact of curriculum changes on the education program

These changes are necessary in Higher education as it is Higher Education that facilitates deep knowing and moving beyond the facilitation of knowledge. The recommended changes would ensure that students have problem solving skills that meet the current employer standards. Employers would be able to get the best out of the two educational programs.


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