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Published: 2021-08-15
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The article Conforming starts young deals with how different species conform to their surroundings. The paper explains how human starts conforming at a young age. The report found that chimpanzees were less likely to conform and fit in unlike the children in the experiment. Although the children had not forgotten the right answer, they tended to follow what their novice peers were doing (Stetka, 2015). The study showed that human beings have an inborn desire to conform and is manifested at a young age. The need to conform according to the researchers is driven by the need to have group harmony. Humans being like being around people who are like them and this is the reason they will try to fit in a group. Chimpanzees, on the other hand, do not feel the need to fit in a group since group harmony does not play a significant role as they grow.

Although this method of conforming is not the best, sometimes following the majority can be the best option available. The study falls in line with other research that has shown human beings like to be part of a group. The need to conform can be found in different sectors where a smart person will seek the advice of others although he knows his decision will be better (Stetka, 2015). Conformity is visible in todays youth than in any period. However, just as conformity is good for the community, it can have some adverse effects. When youth forget who they are and start overvaluing other peoples opinion, they stand to lose their identity. It is in such cases that the teenagers start depending on the media to make decisions.

When individuals start being unique, the society loses creativity and becomes boring (KatieKehl, 2013). Conformity begins at homes with the TV being the most influential tool in teens lives. The commercials and the TV programs may affect a childs growth by limiting their individuality. Although people feel like ads are annoying, they do not realize that the adverts have a significant influence on how people think. The thousands of commercial therefore have a substantial effect on how teenagers view themselves in the society. Peer pressure has also played a role in how teen sees themselves and how they think as they grow.

The study by Bret compliments the research by Katiekehl as they both show how human beings are easy to conform to a group. The dollars and the teenagers exhibit the same pattern of wanting to fit in a particular group. The study hypothesizes that human beings are eager to conform and fit in that other species. The hypothesis makes sense to me because research has been conducted which have been used to check whether it is true or not. The results of the survey have therefore been able to support the hypothesis about humans needs to fit in a group.

The primary conclusion drawn from this study is that human beings will always look for ways to come together and fit in as a group. The move through disastrous at times is necessary for the human community. However, care should be taken to ensure we dont lose our identity in the process of conforming to a group. According to my analysis, I believe it was a good idea to use children since they dont have an external influence on their decision as they use their instincts.


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