Essay on Communication Using Photographs and Videos in the Modern Society

Published: 2021-07-27
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The twelve exhibitions show the possibility that people can communicate using photographs and videos in the modern society. In class, the instructors emphasize how the use of smartphones and cameras are shaping the communication in the modern society. In the exhibition, different artists share photographs for purposes of communication. From a personal point of view, the different artist in the communication attempted to depict similar themes in their conversations. Observing the different photographs in the exhibition, most of the photographers depict the daily activities of every artist. Using photographs to communicate can be explicit and sharing of such information need to observe the principles of privacy. Photographs communicate different information to different people. For example, in this exhibition, one can confirm that violation of privacy is high when there is an intensive use of photographs.

In the exhibition, the works of art differ depending on themes in the minds of each partner. For example, the different artist shared photographs containing different themes. Some shared funny photographs of kids, friends, food, walls of building and beddings. The diverse themes in the photographs depict unique thinking of the artists. It is also clear that photographs give a different meaning to different photographers. In the exhibit talking, the artists shared images that require an explanation regarding what an individual is doing. For example, one of the exhibits has an image of the young baby resting on a bed. It is possible for a partnering artist to ask the name, the age, and owner of the baby.

Reaction to the exhibition

The photographs in the exhibition reveal private information. First, it is not good to share private information in the public domain such as Twitter and Facebook. Second, the exhibition requires attaching explanations to help the partner in the communication understand the meaning of the images and the intentions of the communication partner. However, the exhibitions can be a good way of communicating because it attracts the attention of the reader and triggers a great interest to know more about the partner and personal experiences.

Part 2


The image above is a photograph of a mother breastfeeding a young child. The image is one of many images in the exhibition that the artist exchanged. The owner of the image is not identified because it is one of the many photographs in the talking exhibition. The photograph is clear because one can tell all that is happening in the photograph. The image was either captured using a smartphone or camera.

The image shows that the woman was cited and peacefully breastfeeding the baby. The photographer focused on the mother and the baby. For this reason, the photographer had an intention to communicate her experience to the views. The choice for the theme in the photograph was intentional because the artist needed to express her thoughts and experiences. The photograph above is one of the images that showed parenting. The focus of the photographer is on the face of the mother and the experiences of the baby.

The aims of the photographer are to communicate her thoughts to her partner. The photograph shows the thoughts of an individual and feelings towards a particular situation. The picture above is balanced. The illumination in the photograph is moderate, symmetrical, and clear.


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