Essay on Chivalry and Romantic Love

Published: 2021-06-29
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Chivalry entails the behavioral systems that the knits and the nobles in the middle ages used. The behavior inspired the moral behavior in the medieval society. The word chivalry emanates from the French word which is Chevalier or what is referred to as the Horseman. Various features are used to indicate the chivalry, and they include being dutiful to the countrymen. The trait was referred to a warrior chivalry since the area of chivalry dealt with the virtuous character of protecting the poor. The warriors were said to put others lives before their own.

They were faithful in their service to their lord, and they felt compassion towards the orphans and the widows. They had a particular duty to God which entailed them to respect the church, God and also being a proponent of good against evil. They accorded respect to women who appreciated Virgin Mary too. They practiced courtly love which enabled them to express their love. The courtly love was secret and could not be expressed by those who existed between the spiritual enlighten and erotic desire. The religious pilgrims were attracted to these features and as time progressed the lords were fascinated with the chivalry since they sought for a different kind of heroism while they gave respect to their Lords.

The first appearance of chivalry occurred in the middle ages where it was viewed as a military activity against the non-Christian states. Europe was in the desperate move at that time to have control over various territories in the middle ages. The first chivalry movement developed in the comparison of nature to the monastic order of time. They emerged to fight against the people they regarded as infidels and in their act to protect the pilgrims, they took a vow and considered their activities. For the cavalry soldiers to be supported, the nobles granted them land, and in return, they owed a duty of loyalty to the Lord. They, therefore, fought for their lords, but when the crusade about the war claimed their holy land, they started to seek allegiance with the church and the nobles in the effort to reclaim their holy land.

Courtly love was also known as the refined love which is not tied up in romance and attraction but it, in fact, account for responsibility with the partner. Courtly love was not only restricted to married people since they could have it with someone else outside marriage. For the courtly love, sexual contact had nothing to do with it. The chivalry was most restricted to following the rules and their codes, sex and procreation were a duty, and the spouse did it because he or she was obligated to do it. Courtly love was related to chivalry since it involves the practice of being loyal and the chivalry was all about maintaining their vows.

The love at the time of Andreas Capellanus and Eleanor was courtly love, and it was a genuine and noble love that consisted the expression of what was potentially excellent and elevated in human nature. Love was not related to marriage, and one needed not to marry someone out of love, unlike todays love where spouses marry for love, and they expect to procreate and show affection as a result.

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