Essay on Characteristics and Concepts of Organizational Behavior in the Case of Reece

Published: 2021-08-11
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Behavior within an organization happens to be a subset of a activities under management that are concerned with predicting, understanding, and influencing the behavior of workers within an organizational setting. Through such behavior, an organization is able to understand, predict and control behavior within an organization. In this case, we look at organizational behavior in the context of basic personal qualities as well as personal character. There are several factors that can influence the nature of a person within an organization (Harold, 2013). Such include perception, individual differences, positive and negative motivation, whole person, and personal value. Perception, for instance, is a unique ability for an individual to observe, listen and then make a conclusion on something. For instance, Tony is able to observe that Reece, being a much bigger organization compared to OGrady, is bureaucratically structured. He notices that no one was allowed to make any sort of decision without getting three signatures from higher up In short, the manner in which individuals interpret things and formulate their own points of view makes their perception. Talking as a person in whole as a factor, we can deduce with absolution that a persons brain or skills are attributes that cannot be employed. What is employed is an individual in whole. Attributes like knowledge and skills originate from ones background. It is also worth noting that ones personal life is one thing that cannot be separated from work life. Talking of motivated behavior, talking of motivated behavior, this is some sort of behavior implanted by motivation from others or even the organization itself. Within an organization, there are those who are positively motivated and others that are negatively motivated. In positive motivation, workers are encouraged to change their behavior by luring them through things like profits and promotions. I our case, however, Tony had a problem with fitting into the system of Reece since his workmates treated him with polite indifference this could lead to him being negatively motivated. Negative motivation is whereby an individual is forced to his or her behavior as a result of organizational situations. Also, on the basis of personal value, individuals feel good when they are valued or even appreciated for the skills and abilities that they possess. On the contrary, we realize that the top managers of Reece are too busy to see any employee and that the interoffice memos had very low priority.

Advice to Tony

Reece portrays an autocratic model. In this case, power is associated with a managerial orientation of leadership. On the contrary, the workers are oriented towards dependence and obedience on the managers. The need of workers met is, therefore, subsistence. The result from performance is as well minimal. In this model, it is normal that managers exercise command on the workers (Kendrick, 2014). The managers have to give orders of which workers are supposed to follow or obey. Workers are required to orient themselves obediently towards bosses. Under such conditions, workers are supposed to provide higher performances due to personal liking or achievement drive. Tonis concern is to have responsibility and power delegated to lower workforce levels as well as assigning more freedom to the employees as it was in OGrady. However, Toni needs to know that the workers freedom of choices concerning operations, schedules and procedures differ from one organization to another. What Toni needs to do is to introduce empowerment concept that would help in reshaping the work relationships within the organization. This will also help the management to learn how to reduce their control while employees take responsibilities for their work and also make proper decision while at work. Toni should also cope with the present temporaries with time; the organizations life cycles will probably slim up as the methods of operations improve. The situation is likely to change when positive mindset is inculcated into other workers. Toni needs to be positively motivated despite the conditions or situation so as to encourage other workers to change their behavior. Since Tony had a problem with fitting into the system of Reece because his workmates treated him indifferently, he should turn the negative motivation into a positive one so as to overcome the organizational situation (Kendrick, 2014).

Possibility to find an ideal place of work

It is through the nature of a given organization that the motive of a firm is established. The nature also determines the opportunities provided by the market. The same nature defines employee standards and the character of any given organization. The same nature can help an organization to understand its social system, work ethics and mutual interests. There are factors that determine the work environment of an organization. Such factors include social systems, formals, informal, mutual interests and ethics. In accordance to social systems, each and every organization should be able to socialize with other business organizations as well as their customers as a way of portraying their status and social roles. However, the behavior of workers is influenced by individual drives (Harold, 2013). Social systems are either formal or informal. Work groups that are work together in a given firm. Such a group can be termed as a formal social system. On the contrary, an informal social system can be talked of as individuals who people freely socialize with as well as partying, enjoying and chilling (Kendrick, 2014). Regarding mutual interests, organizations are always indented to its workforce and vice versa. Understanding between the managers and the employees is vital because such understanding helps the workers and the organization to attain their objectives. Concerning ethics, each and every organization that is properly managed used the ethical standards of work to operate appropriately. AS a way of attracting and keeping employees that are vital to the organization, ethical treatment will be vital. On the other hand, workers are required to have moral standards within their workplaces. A good company is one with established code of ethics or even rewards for training ethical behavior.

Therefore, after observing Reece, Tony should be able to be in a opposition of understanding that multinational or big organizations have their own strategies and means of running affairs within the organization. Bureaucratic structure is among the characteristics of large organizations. Coping with a situation where no one is allowed to make any sort of decision without getting three signatures from higher up is by working in close association with other employees. By so doing, Toni would be able to interpret things and formulate his points of view about perceptions. Since it is Toni that is employed, he should use his attributes like knowledge and skills to make the best out of the situation he finds himself in.



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