Essay on Change Through Persuasion

Published: 2021-08-17
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Persuasion refers to the art of changing the behavior or attitude of a person towards a particular object, idea or event through the use of spoken words or written information to convey the intended message, reasoning or feelings. In todays world, most of the entrepreneurs are very passionate about their business ideas. Communication plays a major role in the fostering of the idea as it requires an individual to communicate about it with passion.

Teams are used to manage most of the businesses today. They have been populated by the Generation Xers and authority-averse baby boomers, and this makes the art of persuasion to be essential in the carrying out of the business to ensure its success. According to the authors of the article convincing the public to see things from your dimension or selling of an idea is not the same as persuading them. According to the authors persuasion refers to the process in which an individual learns from others and as well as his competitors and as well as having a shared solution which they further negotiate about. Four main elements make up persuasion which includes framing to find common ground, connecting with the other person emotionally, providing a genuine evidence and establishing credibility (Garvin & Roberto, 2005).

For credibility to develop the persuasion process, there should be an existing relationship and a certain level of expertise that is existing. Both parties should possess good listening and communication skills. The position that the persuader takes is required to be of high credibility, and the points that he communicates should be even more sensible so as not to confuse the audience and be appealing to them. During persuasion in business, the communicator is required to organize the message or information being communicated in a manner that it will outline its importance resulting in the change of feelings of the audience. According to the author of the article during persuasion, the communicator should be in a position of providing evidence which is not only ordinary spreadsheets and charts. A good persuader in business should use metaphors and top stories and as well as examples to convince the audience and to make their position appear genuine. The persuader should respond to the emotions of the audience effectively by ensuring that their feelings are not hurt in any way. The persuader may at times be forced to suppress their feelings to please the audience.

The concepts of this article fit my understanding of business communication since business communication aims at enhancing the customer's satisfaction is achieved through the services and products offered by the business. The communication should aim at winning the client over others which is also the aim of persuasion in business. In business communication the message should consider the receivers context and situation so as not to hurt their emotions. The message should not mislead the client.

In conclusion persuasion skills are of great importance in the running of a business .It is through the art of persuasion that a business can build their credibility and loyalty with their clients and potential customers. The aim of persuasion in business is to ensure that the information and message have an impact on the feeling of the customer. Persuasion requires planning, compromise, and insight by the business management.


Garvin, D. A., & Roberto, M. (2005, February). Change through persuasion. Havard Business Review.

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